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Mediterranean lemon chicken

Lemon, garlic and herb marinated chicken with olives, seasonal vegetables and vine ripen cherry tomatoes

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Debbie Gallant
Lemony with a nice portion of vegetables

This meal had plenty of vegetables and I really liked the variety of green veggies, such as broccolini and asparagus plus red and yellow from tomatoes and summer squash. The green olives were a nice touch. There was enough protein from the chicken to make this a satisfying though not overly filling dinner. I felt it was very healthy. It was a bit too lemony for my taste so it won’t be on a frequent rotation, if at all. I was able to cook everything in the air fryer, which makes me happy and has less cleanup.


Delicious. Low calorie and low carb. Fully satisfying.

Very good

Good choice of vegetables.
I added some lemon juice for a more
lemony flavor.

Barbara Smith
Terrific Low-calorie dinner

This was delicious. Lots of healthy veggies, great lemon flavor. I used a big sauté pan for the chicken, and halfway through added the broccolini and tomatoes to the other side of the pan, then just steamed the asparagus and zucchini. I noticed some reviews say a starch was needed, but I disagree - I ordered this specifically because it was a low-carb option. Lots of food, but not lots of calories. When we order something without a starch (this dish or the balsamic chicken, e.g.), I just make sure we've got some cooked brown rice or cous cous on hand, so there's a little starch for the one of us who wants it.

Gail Nolan

Light and flavorful! It is on my "go to" list. I would highly recommend it.