How It Works

What is Georgie & Tom’s??

We are a weekly fully prepared meals subscription, costing an average of $81 per week. We fully prepare your meals and send them overnight, every week, direct to your home.

Why is Georgie & Tom’s quite expensive compared with other meal deliveries and Kits?

We believe that when it comes to delicious, healthy, and beautifully prepared food we all know there are no shortcuts; and that real quality is worth paying a little bit more for.

We make no apologies for our price, and we won’t chase you with discounts, trying to pretend that we are cheaper than we are!

A weekly subscription of $80 or more is quite a commitment to make every week, but we hope you will find Georgie & Tom’s worth it for the time, hassle, and energy that we save you on trips to the grocery store, cooking from scratch or from kits, and waiting for DoorDash to show up!

How do I cook Georgie & Tom’s?

You can cook your meals in a few minutes on the stove top, in the oven, or the microwave, depending on the meal and your preferences. Cooking instructions can be found by clicking on any dish.

About 60% of meals can be cooked easily in the microwave.

Some meals contain raw proteins like steak, fish fillets, etc. Most of our customers prefer to pan fry or bake these themselves.

Cooking instructions can be found by scanning the QR code on the side of your meals using your phone camera, or by clicking on any dish on our website.

Our wooden trays and paper liners are safe in both conventional and microwave ovens.

How many dishes do you have on your menu?

We are building up to about 100 different dishes available every day.

We currently have 32 dishes, adding 4 each month.

About 60% can be microwaved, and 40% include raw proteins that most customers prefer to cook on the stove top themselves and about 50% have 550 cals or more, and 50% have less, so you can easily choose from lighter or more filling options.

All dishes will always be available, so you can always get your favorites; but also explore and enjoy plenty of variety too.

How do my meals arrive?

We make your meals fresh to order, always the day before they are delivered to you.

Your meals are made in our refrigerated kitchen, and are kept refrigerated right to your home.

You can keep them in the fridge for 5-7 days depending on the recipe.

Where do you deliver?

Everywhere between Massachusetts and parts of Vermont and New Hampshire in the North; and Washington DC in the South, including Boston, New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Why are some box sizes and delivery days showing “Sold Out” on our website?

We have very high demand from lots of regular customers, which means we are at or close to our capacity – Sorry about that!

If we are sold out please sign up for our waitlist and we will email you when slots become available.

How does my account work?

Georgie & Tom’s is a regular weekly subscription, where you receive meals every week.

Let us know the number of meals you would normally like each week; either 2, 3, or 4 meals for two people.

Subscriptions are $108, $81, and $54 per week

Each meal is $27 for 2 servings.

Do you have single portions??

Not yet! However, some single customers choose to order and cook half of their meal at a time. This is easy to do.

Do you have meals for 3 or 4 people, or families?

Not yet! However, some customers choose to order 2 of the same meal in their box so they get 4 portions for the family to share. Some customers receive two boxes a week allowing them to have Georgie & Tom’s several times.

Tell us your Preferences

Visit “My Preferences” and “Thumbs down” any dish you don’t like, and we won’t suggest or send those dishes at all.

For example “Thumbs down” dishes which have stove top cooking, or which are too light or heavy for your taste.

Then “Heart” your favorite dishes which we’ll send more often.

Any other dish we’ll only suggest occasionally so that you still get plenty of variety.

This helps improve our weekly suggestions and saves you time. As your profile builds up, the suggestions will get better and better.

What does Quality mean to Georgie & Tom’s?

Everything! Anyone who knows us, knows that we are totally obsessed by quality.

We all have a favorite place to get a Fish taco, a Steak Romesco, or a Biryani. They’re our favorites because of the attention to every single detail, and the precise delivery of those details every single time.

We want to produce the most delicious fully prepared Fish Taco available anywhere, the finest Steak Romesco, and the most aromatic vegetable Biryani.

We achieve quality through exceptional focus on the produce that we receive from our partners, and the care that we take of it as it travels through our kitchens to you.

We make dishes in small batches of about 12, and every meal is hand-crafted in our own kitchens.

We measure our precise quality performance on every dish, and on every ingredient, every day; and we work continuously with our partners, and with our team, to improve so that our food gets better and better.

What does Healthy mean to Georgie & Tom’s?

We want all our food to be Healthy enough to eat every day! You should feel able to eat our food as often as you like and always feel great.

Our dishes average about 550 cals, ranging between c.700 and c.350 with about a third less than 450. Our average customer would normally want to eat a main meal of about 550 cals in order to maintain their healthy weight.

Each recipe clearly shows whether it is Paleo, Low Carb, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Low Calorie.

Where does Georgie & Tom’s Chicken come from?

Our chicken is Barn raised in the US and Hormone free.

Where does Georgie & Tom’s Meat come from?

Our steaks are grass started, USDA Choice Flat Irons, hormone free. Our Lamb is Free to Roam, all Natural, USDA from Colorado. Our ground Turkey breast is growth hormone and antibiotic free.

Where does Georgie & Tom’s fish come from?

We use Chilean Atlantic Salmon, farm raised at the highest certification of sustainability, fish health and welfare, and environmental impact.

We use Pacific Cod, Msc certified, wild, long line caught in Alaska.

Can you freeae Georgie & Tom's

Yes! Many of our dishes will be absolutely fine if you choose to freeze them, see details on the recipe page.

Who are Georgie & Tom?

Georgie & Tom have been making the highest quality fully prepared meals for the most famous brands in London for many years and have been getting to know New York and the US for the last four.

Georgie is one of the leading experts in the creation and development of fully prepared chilled foods in the world. She has had more than 20 years making food for many of the most famous and high quality brands and companies.

George is a passionate foodie, wants to stay fit, and always to be at her best. The food she creates is designed to help her and all our customers do this – To make eating well easy.

Georgie is a passionate foodie, a successful professional, wants to stay fit, and always to be at her best. The food she creates is designed to help her and all our customers do this – To make eating well easy.

Tom is one of the leading Entrepreneurs in the world of meals and meal kits.

He was the first VP of Marketing of Amazon in Europe and worked with the leading US Kit companies Hello Fresh and Sun Basket.

Tom & Georgie won more quality awards in the UK than any other food brand in history, and they want to build the same reputation here.

We have just one simple aim: Make eating well easy.


Please contact either of us directly: