Georgie & Tom's


After Order Cut-Off

Your order always locks at midnight 2 full days before your delivery, eg midnight Saturday for Tuesday delivery, midnight Sunday for Wednesday delivery, etc.

We remind you on the day before the cut off.

We’re afraid we can’t make changes to your dishes after the cut-off (please make sure you have told us “Your Preferences” – this avoids disaster)

If you wish to stop the order shipping after the cut off, but before delivery, please

There is no refund for this.

Skip just this week

Go to "My Orders". Click "Skip this week" underneath the date of your next delivery. You will get an order the following week unless you Skip again or Pause.

To Unskip just click again.


Change delivery day or meal quantity permanently

Go to your "Account", then your "Subscription", then "change your delivery day or meal quantity".

You can then swap to any available slot.


Change delivery address

Go to "Your Account", then "Your subscription", and then edit and save your shipping address at "Address and shipping information". You must do this before your order cut off.


Where we deliver

Between Massachusetts and the Potomac. You will be asked to check your Zip when you start to sign up.


Pause subscription for a while

If you want to stop for a few weeks, Pause your subscription at your "Account" (top right of the homepage), then your "Subscription".

To Un Pause go to your Account again, or your Orders.


Late Delivery and tracking

You will receive emails updating you containing links to tracking.

Also go to your "Account" see a list of your orders, click on the current order and you will see a link to tracking.

If your delivery is late please check tracking for updated status. We only have access to the same tracking as you, and cannot predict delivery time or intervene with the carrier unfortunately.

If tracking says your delivery happened, but you don't have the box, please check around the area and with neighbours. Normally the box turns up ok within a few hours. If it doesn't please email

Nearly all boxes will survive being delivered 1 day late, even in the summer, and your meals will very likely be fine to eat; but not 2 days.

When your delivery has arrived please check the box and food carefully, and take into account recent outside air temperature. Never eat anything that you are uncomfortable with.

It is normal for the ice packs to have melted. It is the temperature of the food, particularly the proteins, that is important.

Please then email to let us know if you are not comfortable eating any of your food, and we will gladly refund you.



We don't have a gifting programme but many customers set up subscriptions as gifts for others and transfer control of the account later.


Select Meals

To check or change meals selected visit "My Orders".

First de-select dishes you don't want (click "-" minus sign). Then select dishes that you do (click "+" plus sign). You'll see that your selections will automatically refresh and save.


Tell us your preferences

To improve your suggested order do your "Preferences"

"Heart" individual dishes that you would like more often

"Thumbs down" individual dishes, or whole categories of dishes (eg "higher sodium"), that you don't want at all

Filtering dishes narrows down the selection, but does not "Heart" or "Thumbs down" dishes on its own.


Cancel subscription

Cancel your subscription at your "Account" (top right of the homepage), then your "Subscription".


Sold Out

We post newly available slots throughout the day, every day.

New slots do go very quickly, and we apologise that many slots are normally sold out, but please do check back

2 meal boxes sell out exceptionally quickly, but new slots are generally posted every day. Please do check back

If the day you wanted is sold out, we advise you to take the first available day.

Our food is so fresh it lasts about a week, through the weekend and well into next week. All our regular customers enjoy eating Georgie & Tom's on the weekends too.

We do not have a wait list as new slots sell nearly immediately.


Recycle Packaging

Our box and insulation liner are fully recyclable. Use scissors to cut and empty the water soluble gel from the ice packs into the trash. Dispose of the plastic film. We have developed and hope to test soon a fully closed loop system.


How long do Georgie & Tom's meals last

All of our dishes will last at least 5-7 days in your refrigerator, through the weekend and well into next week, sometimes longer

Every dish has a "Best Before" date on the sleeve

Your raw proteins are shipped frozen. However, its fine if they defrost in transit, as long as they are at a good temperature when received.

Many customers choose to put their raw proteins straight into their freezer on arrival, and then defrost in a couple of minutes in their microwave.


Freezing Georgie & Tom's

Many of our dishes will be absolutely fine if you choose to freeze them, see details on the recipe page


Cooking instructions

Just scan the QR code on the side of the tray with your phone camera! Or click on the recipe on our website, print them if you like.


Promo codes

We don't do promo codes, sorry!


Where Georgie & Tom's ingredients come from

We do not have a blanket policy on Organic or GMO as we are not convinced of many of the quality, health, or sustainability benefits that are claimed – sorry about that.


All natural, hormone free from South East United states


All natural, antibiotic & hormone free from Plainville farm Pennsylvania


Steaks: Sirloin, all natural, USDA Prime from Midwest United states

Ground & Stew: All natural, USDA choice from Midwest United states


All natural, USDA approved from Colorado United States


All natural from United States


Atlantic Norwegian farmed


Yellowfin Wild line caught from North & South USA


Alaskan, Pacific Ocean long line caught


All natural, hormone & antibiotic free farmed in South East Asia


Our Kitchen handles Eggs, Fish, Gluten, Milk, Mustard, Peanuts, Shellfish (Crustaceans), Soy & Treenuts.

We operate to the highest of production segregation standards to prevent cross contamination but we cannot guarantee 100% that your food does not contain traces of other allergens.


Singles: At the moment we only prepare portions for 2, however many single people use our service as it's easy to divide our portions and cook half at a time. Our food stays fresh for so long you can eat the second portion later in the week

We will be launching a single portion service next year


Larger families: At the moment the largest box we can do is 5 meals (10 portions)

However, many customers have more than 1 subscription, often on different delivery days, and order 4 portions of each meal that they select.


For anything else: please email