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Yum Nua ‘Asian steak salad’

Steak strips marinated in soy, ginger and lemongrass served on a Thai salad with Daikon, napa cabbage, cucumber and tomatoes. Finished with fresh herbs, sweet chili dressing and roasted peanuts.

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Delicious & Fresh!

This was so fresh and tasty. Very easy to put together will definitely order again!

So delicious!

This dish was so delicious. The flavors were amazing. The cilantro and the mint combination really set off this meal. It was like a party full a flavors in my mouth. I will definitely be making this again and again!

Lynne W
Really liked this new dish!

Truly enjoyed this! I recommend not pouring all the salad dressing on, as it may overpower the dish. I also wish that G&T’s would indicate where the gluten came from, e.g. Gluten (soy sauce), as many people like me are gluten sensitive but can tolerate things like soy sauce.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Nice meal

We enjoyed the flavors and consistency of the ingredients. It was easy to prepare and tasty…

Theresa S.
Good but not fantastic

I really liked the flavor of the steak with the marinade but putting the salad dressing over it absolutely overwhelmed the taste of the meat. In fact it pretty much overwhelmed everything. Next time I will just put it on the salad part and not the steak as well. Then I think I will like it better. Also, I like the Daikon but there was too much of it. The cucumber was a nice addition but the salad needed another vegetable -maybe carrot or sugar snap peas? It was just too much daikon and Napa cabbage.