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Sweet & Sour Pork

Pan fried pork loin in a sweet and sour sauce with mixed peppers, egg rice and pickled pineapple.

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Merle Kaufman
A delicious pork dish

As only person, I try to figure out ways to stretch the meal for two into four single meals. Often the 5 ounce piece of protein provided for two people just isn’t quite enough. I often have to add another ingredient to make it stretch. Following the advice of other reviewers, which is always helpful, I tried doing this dish a few different ways: cutting it into squares, strips, and cooking the pork whole and dividing it up after it’s cooked. Cutting it into cubes worked pretty well, and complimented the strips of pepper provided. it was a very tasty dish and as I’m partial to sweetness in a meal, a very enjoyable meal for me.

Louise Skerrett
A keeper

This was very good. The pork & the peppers were very tasty. We will definitely order again.


Very good dish, lovely blend of flavors, a little sweet for us so next time will use less of the sauce. Nevertheless excellent

Very good!

I really like this dish! I’ve had it more than once and every time it’s been good. I feel like it needs a bit more sauce and fruit bits but besides that it’s super good!

My Favorite Meal!

I love sweet and sour, and I've never had a better pbr than this. Although, we alter the recipe a bit: We cut the pork into cubes, after cutting any excess fat off of it, before cooking it; that makes it much easier to eat! And, we add all the pineapple to the pan, asking with all the pineapple juice; that gets it perfectly sour enough. We get this every week. We also get the Pad Thai Shrimp every week, and either the Salmon Pesto or Salmon Salsa Verde. Plus one different meal every week, for a little variety. ;)