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Sweet Potato & Cherry Tomato Curry

Fragrant Red Thai Roast sweet potato and coconut curry with cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers and Jasmine rice

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Claudia C.
Really nice curry

We really like this dish and have been ordering it repeatedly. I would prefer brown rice rather than white, but that's just me. We usually have naan or some other flatbread on hand and that's a nice addition. Would love it if it also came with a non-sweet chutney, as the eggplant curry used to.

nora Odonnell
I don’t like things too spicy

I take out the red peppers when I can and when I did this dish tasted much better. It’s really good. The vegetables are wonderful.

Debbie Gallant
Savory and a little sweet and very yummy

I’m a big coconut curry fan and loved this dish. My husband found it a little too sweet for himself so I happily ate both servings. I did skip the white rice portion of the meal. Nice balance between different types of vegetables. The sweet potatoes were tender, and the green beans and peppers had a nice little crunch to them. I loved the cooked tomatoes. They were done perfectly. I thought the dish was very healthy. I picked out the spicy Thai chilies and my husband did eat those.

Great curry

Delicious with perfect portion sizing. We microwaved the rice & greens but heated the curry on the stove.