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Sticky Maple Chicken

Chicken breast in a sticky maple mustard glaze on a bed of rosemary & garlic roast root vegetables with smoked bacon & kale.

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Merle Kaufman
A huge amount of vegetables

There was a huge amount of vegetables to roast, but I found that I had to roast them at a lower temperature than advised, because they came out quite charred. I may not have watched them closely enough, or the fault may lie w my oven, so just giving a heads up. No kale was included. I feel that often there is not enough protein to the portions. The breasts were cut so that they came out perfectly, very moist and tender. I thought that the bacon had been left out, but then I found it in among the vegetables, cut into small pieces, which was a nice way to go. The maple mustard drizzle was very good. I easily got three meals out of this dish, by adding my own defrosted piece of chicken, and could’ve stretched it to 4 meals. I would definitely order this again.

Connie McKane
Just Delicious

This dinner choice had many reveiws, Almost all said delicious, easy to heat and just plain wondeful. We will order this again later. We have to keep trying other meals first, maybe another hidden gem awaits.

One of our favorites

All of the meals are good but this is definitely one of our favorites. It’s hard to believe it’s lower sodium.


I was worried this would be too sweet, but it was so good! I used about half the sauce but I think even all of it would be fine - it had a nice play of tart vinegar and a little sweetness. And the bacon added a lot of flavor. The veggies were plentiful and the dish served two of us generously.

Mask Wearer

The Sticky Maple Chicken was delicious! The vegetables cooked nicely, the sauce made the dish. This is one of my favorites.