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Steak romesco

Steak with a smokey red pepper romesco sauce, spicy sweet potato fries and greens

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Molly Gallagher
A Treat!

This was delicious. The cut of meat was tender. The vegetables cooked beautifully with 4 minutes in the microwave as per instructions. Beautiful on the plate. Romesco brought it all quality in my book!

Nydia Veras
All things delicious except for the fries

I made the steak medium and it was perfect. I added the red peppers to the pan as the steak seared which was equally delicious. Asparagus steamed perfectly in the 4 minutes recommended. I baked my sweet potato fries and when I tasted them, they were awful, they had a powdered coating on them and they tasted like perfume. I couldn’t tolerate more than 2 of them. Not sure if that was the intended flavor.

Veronica Baker-Adams
Solid meal

We enjoyed this meal. Did sweet potatoe fries in air fryer. If you have one I suggest it.

Ashlee Arnold
Terrible steak

This steak tasted very gamey. My husband and I both had an aversion to eating it.
Prepared the meal 2 days after receiving it and the asparagus had already begun to rot.
The entire meal wound up in the trash, unfortunately. Will not order again.

Sarah Pixler
Pretty good

Wish fries were crispy. Seemed like more work than I wanted especially because I have a smart oven (no separate microwave).