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Steak Chimichurri

With sweet potato mash & seasonal greens

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Lisa Paterson
Steak & Mash? Yes please!

Turns out we don't like chimichurri sauce. The sauce overpowered things but I would still order this meal again - I just wouldn't use the sauce.

The steak cooked up super quick and easy. The mash was lovely - I added a little bit of butter and salt when it was on the plate - and I could have eaten twice as much of it. The steaks provided were completely different sizes - one small, one bigger - so we just sliced them both us and split them evenly.

I'm very impressed by the quality and flavor of the meals we've tried so far!!!

Merle Kaufman
Excellent quality meat

Because I am one person trying to stretch the meal to four modest sized portions, the steak, although of excellent quality, loses a lot when cooked. I hadn’t expected the sweet potatoes to have a savory spice flavour; I didn’t recognize, and didn’t care for it. I tried to doctor it a bit, but didn’t feel I was successful. I would’ve preferred something more on the sweet side, or even neutral. I still praise the quality of the ingredients. The beef was the highlight of the meal. It was delicious and cooked quickly. I didn’t particularly like the sauce either, but the greens cooked up nicely.

Karen Smith
Pretty Good

Really enjoyed the meal except the sweet potatoes, we prefer them on the sweeter side not the savory.

Jeanette Kessler
Loved it

I am a newer member and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As others have said, this is a very good meal.
The meat had a liver flavor to it which initially I was not a fan of however once I included the sauce and veggies I didn't notice it again.
Easy to prepare and considering the price, a nice cut of beef.

Kimberly bender

The sauce was outstanding, nice cut of meat.. sides were also great, really enjoyed.. maybe they can add Airfryer instructions