Steak chimichurri image

Steak chimichurri

With sweet potato mash seasoned with harissa & seasonal greens

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Decent steak but

The steak and sauce were tasty. Decent cut of meet BUT who in the world puts garlic in sweet potatoes! They are supposed to be sweet. Yuck. I took one bite and threw the rest away. Unless you remove the garlic I won’t be ordering these again. I think garlic is over used in place of flavor. Sweet potatoes definitely don’t need garlic.

Barbara Smith
Very good

Glad I read the reviews first. I scraped the mash into a microwaveable bowl before I heated it, and that worked fine. Steak came out just right and was better than we expected. I sautéed the veg in the steak pan while the meat rested. There were a LOT of collard greens.

lynn Mahanna
Best meal yet

Perfect amount of food for 2. Great veggies. Chimichurri sauce was delicious
Only negatives were on the sweet potato mash. Strange it’s in the container and you have to scrap it out. But I guess it did save dishes. Abd it’s also slightly Spivey which was a little off putting. And spice was not necessary when you already has spice in chimichurri

This one’s a winner

This was our first dish. Easy, quick and delicious. Portions were perfect. Agree though to put the mash in a container; scraping it off the paper limer was messy.

Diana Shaw
Easy and delicious

Super easy and delicious. Love the mashed sweet potatoes and the greens provide great flavor. Prepped and ready in less than 10 mins!