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Shrimp Pad Thai

Authentic shrimp Pad Thai with rice noodles, fried egg and shredded vegetables in a sweet and sour tamarind & soy dressing. Finished with crispy onions, peanuts and a squeeze of lime.

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More shrimp please!

We enjoyed the pad Thai and it was easy to prepare and have on the table in about 10 minutes. Can’t beat that! We like lots of shrimp and usually cook one pound for the both of us to share since shrimp is low in calories. I thought the portion of shrimp we received was small and I knew that the total meal would not be sufficient. We received 9 ounces of shrimp but I had frozen shrimp and so I added another 7 ounces of my own shrimp as I prepared the dinner. With a total of one pound of shrimp, our meal was complete and satisfying. In general, I am finding the meals a bit too small and I have added items to all my meals so far, usually more vegetables or I make a separate salad. I am new to meal delivery kits, so perhaps this is the norm.

Isabelle N.
Not a real pad Thai, but delicious

The sauce doesn’t taste like a real pad Thai, but it was delicious. 5 stars.

Vivian Goldstein
Awesome flavors and so easy ❤️

Maybe a bit more noodles but awesome nonetheless 🥰

Our favorite!

We love this dish which is as good as a restaurant version. We add more vegetables but otherwise it is great as is (although we do remove the hot peppers and would love some more noodles). High quality plump shrimp and a delicious sauce. It cooks up quickly and we often have some left over for one of us to have it for lunch the next day. We order this at least twice a month.

Crazy Good! A Special Treat for Dinner!

We love this meal. It's easy and quick to prepare (like all G&T meals). A flavor bomb in every bite! No, it's not traditional pad Thai but this is a spectacular dish!