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Shrimp & Chorizo Paella

Shrimp & smoky chorizo paella with roasted peppers, peas and aioli

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Norene Wastler
Generous Portion and Flavorfull

This is one of my go to meals from Georgie & Tom's. My spouse and I love it. The portions are generous and the flavors are excellent. My father makes an authentic paella with the proper paella pan and I have to say G&T's version is spot on. The quality of the ingredients are top notch. Thank you G&T's !!!!!

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Neil Neil Orange Peel

Loved this meal. Very tasty. Great portion size for two people. The chorizo was a bit too spicy got me, but great for those who love spicy food. I would definitely order this meal again.

Steven Littleton

I do this dish the hard way, from scratch, including duck leg confit, PEI mussels, clams & shrimps. It’s so good I serve it to company and everyone can pick out the items they like or don’t like. The G&T version is so close in taste and satisfaction level that it almost makes me angry. Then I think how much more often I can enjoy these flavors without all the shopping and prepping and I’m SOLD!! My version has the crispy rice on the bottom though S000, I win even though it’s not a competition…HaHaHa!

Lisa S.
Easiest and most delicious Paella ever!

It’s one of our top 2 dishes with G&T. Well done! Satisfying and super easy. Thank you for precooking the chorizo.

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Lin Fields
Just like the paella I had in Spain

What a treat! This was so yummy! Just like the paella I had in Spain several years ago. I would have liked a little more sauce, so I added some crushed tomatoes. But all in all A++++