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Shrimp & chorizo paella

Shrimp & smoky chorizo paella with edamame, slow roast tomatoes and aioli

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Lutz Ehrlich
Awesome dish

As Barbara said, the Paela was a bit sticky, indeed. But once we got "into it", we ate it to the last bit.
Perhaps next time we'll follow Amberleigh's suggestion to pan-sear the shrimp first?
Anyway: Balanced flavor, easy prep time. A Wonderful dish that we'd love to re-order.

Ceterum Censeo:
Since neither Georgie Nor Tom want to be contacted [no “contact us”, no mail, no phone, no address… nothing] I am adding this general feedback here. Perhaps one day G or T might read it :)
I LOVE your minimalistic packaging, almost(!) all-recycle. Unlike the Green-carrot-hi-fresh competitions, G&T is actually not a lot of waste, great!
All dishes we had so far were great, some stellar, some few just “ok” - but none was bad or not nice. We love it.
Downside: Your cooling packs - they are recyclable “in name only”, if you follow the link and read the instructions, they ask to squish out the gooey fluid (where? Sink? Garbage?) then take the empty plastic bags and drop them off at a recyclers. We tried it.. once. It’s a sticky mess! So, into the landfill the whole cooling pack goes. Sad.
Suggestion - your card boxes are sturdy! Offer customers the following option:
Ask your customers to opt in on “real” cooling packs - with perhaps a deposit to protect your goods?
Avery 10 meal boxes or so, those customers ship their cooling packs back in a G&T delivery box. 
They can be cleaned/sterilized/Alcohol-wiped (Covid proof!) and then re-used.
Thanks for reading/listening. Keep cooking’

Barbara Schuler

Good flavor, but rice was too sticky

Bridget Cisneroz
Yum Yum for the Tum!

This dish is so flavorful and tasty! If you like paella, def give a try!

Eileen Gillies
Highly recommend

Very tasty. Most of these meals are spicy so I put sour cream on top and it's perfect.

yummy and simple

We followed another reviewer's instructions by pan-searing the shrimp first while we microwaved the rest of the mixture, then seared everything together in the pan for another minute or two. Came out lovely and delicious. A little decadent and definitely very filling.