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Shepherd's pie

A rich slow cooked beef & lamb shepherds pie, loaded with 5 types of vegetables & lentils topped with creamy mash potato, vintage cheddar cheese served with seasonal greens

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Nancy Greene
Shepherds pie

Found this item good but a little too salty.

Hearty meal!

The earlier version was blah. The new version is worthy of an A grade. All the right tastes and thus has become our comfort food of choice (and I’m not even a Brit). Keep up the good work.

Christine Catalano

After reading the reviews about it being too salty, not salty enough, etc., this was the “new recipe” version and I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my taste, it was just right. I heated it in the oven as suggested without freezing it first. The potato topping had a light, pleasing taste and texture and the meaty part was satisfying. I also love that the flavor comes from being properly cooked and seasoned and not from a heavy hand with hot or sharp spices. One can always add more of something if they have such a jaded palate they can’t taste anything. After all, we know how to cook or we wouldn’t order high-end meals to begin with. I would order this again.

Neville Platt
Shepherd's Pie

I enjoyed the Pie on two days! First day I cooked it all. I tested the topping and found that even after following your heating instructions the topping was still very cold so I gave it a burst of the microwave! It might be my freezer is running very cold. I just warmed it through in the microwave for the second meal and was very tasty. Think I would like a little sharper gravy and could have added more Worcester Sauce.

Not the delicious food I’m accustomed to receiving

Shepherds pie had a strange taste. Had the tomatoes soured or was it tomato paste? Was it too much bay leaf? Couldn’t nail it down but this was the least desirable of all of your offerings.