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Shepherd's Pie

A rich slow cooked beef & lamb shepherds pie, loaded with 5 types of vegetables & lentils topped with creamy mash potato, sharp cheddar cheese served with seasonal vegetables

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Easy/Tasty/Comfort Without Weight

This was so easy! I was worried it would taste dark and heavy but delighted it was comfort without being heavy and the greens were complementary!

Wife loves shepard's pie

This is our first meal with G's&T, I'm so glad because it was "just right"(in goldilocks or other locks way). Wonderful flavorful blend, unique vegetable medley. I love the greens, lots of good things in Kale. I forgot to look at the directions, takesonly 5 to 8 min of prep, but don't forget 45" in the oven first, otherwise 7:30 dinner becomes 8:30 🤣

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Neil Neil Orange Peel
Wanted to love this...

Sadly, this is my least favorite meal thus far with G&T. I love their food but this one missed the mark with us. The entire dish left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, not sure what the seasoning was, but my spouse and I didn't finish this one. The consistency was a bit off and the meat mixture was not appealing. Wanted to love this as I love the idea of a modern spin on Shepherds Pie...but this isn't it. And for the record, this is one of the very few meals that missed the mark, most of the meals have been five stars for us. Also, the photo on the recipe page has green beans which would have been a better combo with the meal, instead of the collard greens and onions.

Anne Ritchey

First time trying the Shepherd's Pie. We did not think it lived up to the standard we've come to expect from Georgie & Tom's. There was far too much of the entree for two people. If we had liked it, the leftovers would have made a nice lunch, but we didn't care for it, ate only about a third of the serving, and the rest went in the disposall.
The ratio of potato to meat mixture was way too high. The meat mixture had no particular flavor at all -- the tomato-ey sauce was dominant, but not particularly tasty. Somehow I thought there were green beans with this meal; maybe I got it confused. But the veggies were too much kale and odds and ends of root veggies. We threw out most of that, too.
And oh, yeah, the peas still seem to be canned, though that was the least of the problems with this meal. It's off our preference list for sure.
We've found eight meals we like pretty well. That means once a month for each on our two-per-week plan. So we're continuing to subscribe. Just not sure how often we'll try new meals from now on.

So comforting and yummy

So easy to just throw in oven on a busy day. Hearty, tasty, crispy potatoes. I would broil in another container for last five minutes. Loved the rainbow carrots too.