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Sesame Tuna

Sesame coated Yellow fin tuna with a miso ginger marinade served with avocado & fresh vegetable slaw. All dressed with a soy, ginger & sesame dressing.

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Only Okay

Didn’t, really enjoy this meal as we found the tuna to be pretty tasteless. Also I would have liked a starch. I had to cook some rice!

Joanna Jaso
very good but not enough marinade

we liked the dish. We could use more marinade. I would also prefer to have avocado pre-sliced.

Great Tuna

I love this dish. I order 2-3 times a month. The quality of the tuna is just superb; as good if not better than any decent upper tier restaurant. Easy to prepare and cook. The salad with the dish is very flavorful, really enjoy the salad. Not a fan of the avocado with it but that is just me. Overall maybe my favorite of all the meal choices.

Caitlin Clark

This is our first meal from this service and we are blown away by the quality and the flavor! Very excited to try the rest from our order!

Merle Kaufman
Very fresh food

As just one person, I’m trying to do the impossible, seeing if I can stretch the one meal for two into four meals for one. I was very impressed with how fresh the tuna was. I divided it into four sections and froze one of the portions. Although ordinarily I never freeze fish, it defrosted very well in the microwave. And since fish doesn’t lose as much quantity in cooking as other proteins do, by adding rice to the dish, I was able to feel quite satisfied with these stretched out portions.

The dressing for the salad is very delicious, and the raw salad itself stayed fresh until the end. A definite winner that I would order again.