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Sesame Tuna

Sesame coated Yellow fin tuna with a miso ginger marinade served with avocado & fresh vegetable slaw. All dressed with a soy, ginger & sesame dressing.

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Vikki Lenhart

The taste was delicious. However, I wasn’t clear on what I should set my stove to to fry it? Sadly, I burnt the top layer of the sesame seeds, but just scrape them off before I ate.

So fresh

Fresh, high-quality tuna and ingredients. Very flavorful and easy to put together. Five stars!!

Surprisingly Filling & Delicious

I loved everything about this dish. I loved how simple it was to make, and I could only finish half a serving. It was also perfect the next day since the tuna was seared. I also love the cabbage and edamame salad with avocado. My husband is usually not a fan of “raw” fish, and he even finished his whole serving! I would order this again for sure!

Anne Ritchey
Definitely our favorite

This is our favorite dish from G&T. It's easy to prepare and the sauces add a lot to the enjoyment. I've cooked my own seared tuna for years, both with and without sesame seeds, but this kit has a nice miso coating for the tuna, and a yummy dressing. We also like the crispy crunch of the cabbage and other greens. Only once has the avocado been too hard to use right away, a real achievement. And by the way, if, like me, you have the "cilantro gene" and can't abide the stuff, don't let that ingredient stop you. It's completely separate and you can just pitch it. (Unlike some of the other kits that have cilantro mixed with other ingredients like salsa.)

Elisabeth Buchholz
Outstanding Quality Tuna

We absolutely love this choice and have reordered it once and will again. The quality of Tuna is outstanding - the filet mignon of seafood! The flavors of the healthy side salad are sweet, tangy and delicious! This is a 12 minute miracle - even though we’ve never enjoyed the sliced avocado that arrives with the recipe. It’s not ripe enough to slice.