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Salmon salsa verde

Salmon with seasonal greens, vine ripened cherry tomatoes and lemon salsa verde

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Salmon The Right Way

This dish was so very delicious. The Salsa Verde had great flavor and, the salmon along with the nice vegies really complimented each other. I will order this again!

Very good, could use a little more substance

I liked the taste and quality of the food quite a lot. I just wish there had been something a little more substantial since there was no grain. Perhaps a larger serving of veggies or some par-cooked root veggie would have been nice to sop up the yummy sauce.

Christine Flynn
Great Salsa Verde

The salsa Verde made this amazing tasting. I followed another reviewer's advice and sauteed veggies with some salsa and then the salmon. So tasty. Husband said it was as great as a restaurant.

Jami Coco

This is my very first meal from G&T's. I was pleasantly surprised! The salmon was excellent, veggies were super fresh and the Salsa Verde was fabulous! It was actually more like a pesto, but It was bright and flavorful. I agree with most reviews on the "microwave" part. What I did was microwave just a few second to soften up the veggies and then sautéed in a bit of EVOO to finish off. I think air frying would also be a great alternative cooking method as well. When I received my meals, everything was mostly defrosted but still very cold. I do hesitate freezing the proteins/seafood after already thawed. I thought this was a real no-no??? Any thoughts on this?

Roxanne T
Didn't care for salsa verde

I really don't like mustard at all so I ended up tossing the salsa verde. Overall I'm not a fan of adding mustard into dishes like salsa verde or pesto to give them a bump. That's a very personal choice, though.