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Red Thai chicken curry

Fragrant Red Thai chicken and coconut curry, Jasmine rice and mixed peppers

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Too many peppers

Had this previously and it was pretty good. Had a nice balance of veggies (green beans). Now it just came with peppers, which is strange. I see a lot of reviews that say the green beans got slimey. Hoping they can fix their quality issues with the green beans and add back in. The curry flavor is good. Not too hot.


This was an excellent choice: the curry was delicious with just the right amount of kick. Everything came together very easily. One recommendation for this dish and any other other dish containing haricot vert: cook immediately. They will not keep and become discolored and slimy if you leave them for more than a day.

Nancy Shore
A dinner not worthy of G&T.

I like curry. My husband doesn’t so i planned to cook this for myself. It was awful. There was a spice I cannot recognize and tasted off and the beans were tough I couldn’t eat it. Threw it out this was A dinner not worthy of Georgie and Tom’s
Everything else we’ve tried has been excellent

Needed more sweetness

Was a bit bitter I had to add a bit of sugar and spice to give it a more authentic flavor. Will order again, I don’t mind added to make it a bit more enjoyable.

Hilary Edwards
Red Thai Curry

Flavors were very bland and lacking any spice for a thai curry. Chicken was tender but was lacking salt. I had to make my own basmati rice because it was so wet and clumpy. Far too much sauce to veg and protein. Really missing the basil typically in a thai curry.