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Pork & fennel meatballs

Pork & fennel meatball pasta with marinara sauce, roasted peppers & slow roast tomatoes served with an arugula salad

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Tasty Meal, Salad Too Small (Again!)

This isn't the first meal we've had where the least expensive part of the meal also had the smallest portion. I measure the salad on my kitchen scale, 0.7 ounces, tha comes out to 0.35 oz per person! Seriously? And I think I know what the problem is consistently. G&T seem to think that the salad has to fit in that cute wooden box and in truth, they really couldn't fit much more salad in that box without squishing it. But why insist that the salad be inside the box? Just put it in a bag like you do for raw proteins and *solve the problem*. We added spinach to give each of us a decent portion of salad. The entre was tasty, and came out well. I microwaved it for 3 minutes and then 15 more in a 350F oven, worked great.

Joanne Hendry
I like the idea of this meal

Again way too over seasoned. Maybe less seasoning in your meals and you can include a separate seasoning packet for those who desire more.

Instructions for oven are wrong

I haven’t even tasted the food yet, so I can’t comment on that. However if I were to follow the oven instructions then the meatballs would’ve been at an internal temperature of 110. Unless the typo on the website isn’t a typo and is actually supposed to be 3500f. It goes without saying that food-borne illness is dangerous and I can’t recommend a company that gets they’re oven recipes wrong by a mile. It’s now been baking for 50 minutes and is still not at 165f internal temp.

Additionally why would you put pasta in a wood tray? If you’re going to bake in an oven this is a potential safety hazard.

After the headache this meal has already caused me there’s no way exceptional food could get above one star. Avoid this whole service.


Excellent, filling, comforting. Rich and complex in flavor. Will absolutely order again.

Christie B.
Okay … could use more flavor in the meatballs

Overall this was okay. The meatballs were kind of bland and very dry. Won’t order again.