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Pesto Roasted Salmon

Pesto salmon with Mediterranean roasted vegetables served with arugula & our signature shallot, sultana & red wine vinegar dressing

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Our favorite meal !

Ok, we are hooked! We order this every week! Easy, delicious, wonderful combo of flavors! Very satisfying. Will keep ordering every week! I love that this has flavorful onions!

Merle Kaufman
A definite 5 in every way

I can see why other customers have been raving about this dish. It’s delicious, subtle, and easy to prepare. As one person trying to stretch the meals out, this is an easy one to augment. I just added a cut up Yukon potato, some strips of a colorful pepper, and a few asparagus spears. The vinaigrette and pesto are top-notch. The pesto was very much like what I’ve made myself from basil grown on my terrace. The 2 pieces of salmon are about 6 oz. each, so a little small for 2 people. I wish they were a tad bigger, but they are nonetheless of a very high quality, as is the fresh arugula. All in all, an excellent meal I would definitely order again. It has now made me anxious to try the other salmon dishes in the repertoire.

James Haus

Definitely a 5 star, and will be ordering often!

Fannie Rogal

We know our fish and seafood, and believe most home chefs and nearly every restaurant ruin them by overcooking. We typically poach our fishes, but broil or grill and stuff when they’re whole. GT’s high quality raw ingredients leave that part to us, then build the magic that completes the dishes — with well-chosen vegetables, great sauces, and dressings. We’ve only had a few GT dishes (all pescatarian) so far, but this Pesto Roasted Salmon is our best so far. The salmon, though farmed, was very high quality and the 2 portions were ample meal size. The non-root vegetables (cherry-size tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, and colored peppers) had been lightly pre-tossed in an herbed EVOO drizzle. I added another red pepper I happened to have, but not because the dish was lacking. Rather than roast on a tray, I put it all in a large Pyrex dish and baked uncovered in a preheated 400 deg oven for 15 minutes. Result: flavorful al dente vegetables, close-to-poached salmon, and with the arugula, I think maybe the prettiest dish I’ve ever made!

Too many onions!

We love your meals. Yet, when meals note they come with a side of vegetables, a surplus of onions in that mix really doesn't qualify as a vegetable (in most people's mind). Unfortunately, we end up handpicking the high amount of onions out of your meals because if cooked with everything else, it would be overwhelming.