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All meals are $31 for 2. You may skip or pause any week.

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All meals are $31 for 2. You may skip or pause any week.
More Questions?
How does Georgie & Tom’s work?
We deliver fully prepared meals for two direct to your home, most of which can be cooked in 5-8 minutes with nearly no mixing, chopping or prep. You tell us your Preferences and we suggest a weekly order that you can change at any time up to the cut off 2 full days before delivery. We have nearly 70 recipes to choose from with simple cooking instructions including microwave, stove top and oven. You can change your delivery day and quantity flexibly every week, and you can skip or pause whenever you wish.
What type of recipes and meals do you offer?
With nearly 70 dishes Georgie & Tom’s has the largest range of freshly made dishes always available in all the diet types you would expect: Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, Lower sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian etc. Our food is healthy enough to eat every day, averaging about 600 calories, and you can tell us your preferences by filtering our menu by diet type, cooking method, ingredients, allergens, etc so that the meals we suggest are always within your true personal preferences
Where do you deliver?
Everywhere between Massachusetts and Washington DC.
Can I skip and Pause?
Yes you can easily Skip any week or Pause indefinitely at no charge by the click of a button 2 full days before your delivery
Does Georgie & Tom’s give nutritional information
Yes of course. Simply click on any recipe to see the full ingredient listing, nutritional information, and allergens
Why should I choose Georgie & Tom’s?
We think Georgie & Tom’s is now the leading quality fully prepared meals service in America. We achieve the highest customer reviews averaging 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on each dish. Our food is the easiest to cook with nearly no chopping mixing or prep so that you can mostly cook in 5 – 8 minutes, unlike kits. We offer the largest number of easy to cook recipes, nearly 70 available every day, with the ability to tell us your Preferences so that every week you only get dishes you love. We offer the most flexibility with latest cut off, 2 days, not 5; and the flexibility to change your delivery day and order quantity every week if you wish. Georgie & Tom’s is healthy enough to eat every day, lower in carbs, higher in fresh veg and averaging 600 calories to help you maintain your healthy bodyweight.
How much does Georgie & Tom’s cost?
Every restaurant quality meal is $31 for two delivered fully prepared, direct to your home. Shipping is Free.
Does Georgie & Tom’s help keep me healthy?
Yes. We make eating well easy. Our food is the most delicious but also lower in carbs, higher in fresh veg, and averages 600 calories per portion, just right to maintain a healthy body weight. We offer every main diet type including lower carb, paleo, gluten free, pescatarian, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian and many others