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Mexican bean & quinoa burrito bowl

Mexican bean chilli with quinoa, avocado, tofu cream & our homemade red pepper, tomato & lime salsa

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Random and doesn’t meld; avocado old

Sadly, my avocado was half rotten even though I made this three days before it was supposed to expire. The tofu sauce was bizarre tasting and didn’t make sense with the rest of the dish. The quinoa wasn’t salted. Nothing went together. Not going to be a reorder. Glad I have other favorites though!

Easy to make into burrito/ quesadilla/tacos

This is one of the heartiest dishes available. I really enjoy bulking it up a bit more by adding either chicken breast or cod. You can easily spoon this dish into tortillas and bulk it up that way as well. The only thing I would change about this dish is maybe adding an ingredient with a bit of crunch to it, just for texture purposes.

A healthy and fulfilling comfort food

This is a great alternative to a heavier chili. When I have my vegetarian friends over after skiing, we ofter this option
and it is a big hit. I'm not vegetarian, but I love a great quinoa dish hits all the right spots.

Krista Hayward

My schedule got crazy and I didn’t get to eat this until the final date stamped on the package. Tasted fresh and delicious!

Angela Hsieh
Delicious and Healthy

All the ingredients were fresh and flavorful! Cooking it was a breeze with little too no effort, which is essential for on the go people. Keep up the good work Georgie and Tom (and keep the new menus coming)!