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Lime & chili chicken

Lime, chili & ginger marinated chicken with avocado, carrot, tomato & cucumber herb salad, our homemade sweet chili dressing & peanuts.

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Lutz Ehrlich
The dish tasted great but the chicken was dry

We followed the oven instructions (for best results, bake) but after 15min the chicken was still "medium rare", so off into the oven for another 10min until it was cooked well.. and then it was dry. I think we'll experiment, like Heather just said, to pan sear the chicken next time.

====== Ceterum Censeo =====
Since neither Georgie Nor Tom want to be contacted [no “contact us”, no mail, no phone, no address… nothing] I am adding this general feedback here. Perhaps one day G or T might read it :)
I LOVE your minimalistic packaging, almost(!) all-recycle. Unlike the Green-carrot-hi-fresh competitions, G&T is actually not a lot of waste, great!
All dishes we had so far were great, some stellar, some few just “ok” - but none was bad or not nice. We love it.
Downside: Your cooling packs - they are recyclable “in name only”, if you follow the link and read the instructions, they ask to squish out the gooey fluid (where? Sink? Garbage?) then take the empty plastic bags and drop them off at a recyclers. We tried it.. once. It’s a sticky mess! So, into the landfill the whole cooling pack goes. Sad.
Suggestion - your card boxes are sturdy! Offer customers the following option:
Ask your customers to opt in on “real” cooling packs - with perhaps a deposit to protect your goods?
Avery 10 meal boxes or so, those customers ship their cooling packs back in a G&T delivery box. 
They can be cleaned/sterilized/Alcohol-wiped (Covid proof!) and then re-used.
Thanks for reading/listening. Keep cooking’

Heather K
Flavorful and delicious

I always pan sear the chicken, 3-4 minutes each side. This meal is so full of flavor, you get a nice crunch from the carrots and peanuts, pops of mint and cilantro, and the dressing is a little sweet and spicy but perfectly balanced and refreshingly acidic. The avocado held up well and was ripe when it arrived so I kept it in the fridge until I was ready to make this. Eating this leaves me feeling satisfied and energized, like I have done something good for my body!

peter churchman

Imaginative, complex, and fresh! This combination is our new favorite. A lot going on with this seemingly simple dish...its yet another example of Georgie and Toms chefs really knowing what they're doing.

lisette dixon
easy delicious

Chili lime chicken was so easy, I thought "there is no way this can be great. . . . ", I WAS WRONG. I love this meal service. Have been through five other companies . Always bored, always disappointed. BRAVO everybody,.

Nina Witzenburg
Great addition to the menu!

Tender and flavorful chicken, plenty of crunchy veggies, savory dressing, and a breeze to prepare! Surprisingly filling, too. Looking forward to having leftover portion cold for lunch.