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Lime & Chili Chicken

Thai inspired lime, chilli & ginger marinated chicken with avocado, carrot, tomato & cucumber herb salad, our homemade sweet chili dressing & peanuts.

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Lime chili chicken is my favorite so far

This has been my favorite dish so far, perhaps because I am such a fan of salads. The chicken is quickly prepared and the salad items that accompany it were delicious. I loved the carb conscious aspect and I wish Georgie & Tom’s had more lower carb meals. I don’t want to go keto, but lower carbs are better for our bodies, so carb conscious is best for me. As far as any critical comment, the avocado was past its prime. I was able to use it but whomever packs the boxes should be alert to the freshness of the avocado.


There couldn't be a healthier meal. Soft, moist, subtly flavored chicken with very crunchy long strips of slaw and carrot, and other tastes in layer upon layer. A complex sweet-sour dressing. Prepared stovetop, quickly. Just another G&T meal vying for No. 1 on our list.

Another 5 stars!

Great recipe, simple yet complex flavors. Easy to prepare. It feels like a light delicious meal with plenty of both chicken and salad. Dressing is great too. I will get it again.

Jean Leatherman
One of my favorites

This one has everything - great flavor, delicious seasoning, fresh veg, texture from the veg and peanuts and a lovely tang from the dressing. Highly recommended.

Debbie Gallant
Quick, super tasty, and healthy: trifecta

This was an easy and very delicious meal to prepare. I cooked it according to the directions. Next time I’ll probably put the chicken in the air fryer. It was a nice balance of chicken with herbs and vegetables and avocado and peanuts. I am eating low carb and plant forward and this hit the spot. There was more chicken than I needed so I gave it to my husband, who was very happy. And he gave me even more of the yummy vegetables. We will definitely be ordering this again.