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Wholesome beef and pork lasagna enriched with 6 vegetables & lentils, served with arugula & cherry tomatoes

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Not the best

This lasagna was just okay. Did not have much flavor and the container started to burn when put in the oven. We ended up removing and changing the container. Will not be ordering this again.

Christie B.
Lacked flavor and just not good

This was the first dish that just 100% missed the mark for me. It had no Italian flavor or seasoning. I barely made it through the meal. It was also not clear if the container should be put in the oven because it immediately started to burn. Sadly I just did not like this at all!

packaging fail

I did not get to try this item as the wooden packaging was burning in my oven.... I have a smaller convection style oven and perhaps this is or was the problem. There was no way to change out the item as it was non-transferable from the original packaging.

Really Disappointing

The noodles were mushy, the cheese slimy, and the meat had a slight smoky flavor that I could have done without. I couldn't finish eating it, which is a bad sign. I usually can't get enough lasagna.

To each His/Her Own

Delicious and flavorful. Occasionally te instructions are a little vague. I used parchment paper to cover the lasagna and I gave it a little shake to settle while it was cooking. The wood did char while cooking but it did not give off an aroma nor did it taint the flavor. The portion size was just right for the two of us. As a care partner, it is wonderful to be able to get something tasty and attractive to the table in a few minutes with almost no cleanup.