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Wholesome beef lasagna enriched with 6 vegetables & lentils, served with arugula & cherry tomatoes

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Rachel McCarthy

This was delicious, and even better when reheated the next day! While I agree with some of the comments on it not necessarily travelling well i.e. getting bunched into a corner and the directions not necessarily the clearest i.e. I had to read it a couple of times to confirm I could place the wooden box it came in into the oven. The flavors were delicious. Follow the directions by letting the lasagna rest for at least five minutes when it comes out of the oven - this helps the juices soak up. While it may be a bit decadent I love the fact it tastes fresh and is not processed.

Debra Brown
Liked this healthier version

I really liked this. Lighter and healthier and still flavorful.

Martha Zoubek
Lasagna soup?

This one didn't travel well. When I opened it, the lasagna was bunched down at one end and mixed in with the paper. It was too rich and soupy for our taste, although the flavor was good.

too much meat

I really disliked this one and threw it out. However my spouse ate his whole portion, so opinions differ. We baked it in the oven. It was too much meat and too soupy for my taste in lasagna. I prefer a drier, firmer layering and will not order this again.

Should be done in the oven.

Unfortunately I had very little time the day I tried this so I made it according to the microwave directions. There ended up being a lot of liquid and the noodles became very gummy. The flavor was good so I think it would have been much better if done in the oven.