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Greek Chicken Kofta

Mediterranean spiced chicken kofta, with a fresh slaw, pickled vegetables & marinated feta. Served with a traditional Greek flat bread and Tahini yoghurt.

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It was tasty but I wouldn’t order this again.

It was tasty but I wouldn’t order this again. It was not for me.

Jeanne Curnuck
Greek chicken Kofta

This meal was pleasantly surprising! We totally enjoyed and put it in our minds to order this again. The salad with the creamy feta was fun! The bread was yummy and the spices in the kofta were perfect!

judy perry
Was not a favorite for me

I didn't personally enjoy this specific meal. It's not the fault of the chef; it simply didn't suit my taste buds.

Susan McCabe
Sad ingredients

It tasted very sweet and looked at the ingredients and found..Corn syrups? Frankly I’m shocked you would add this to your food. Please choose your ingredients more healthily and thoughtfully.

Kelley Piper
First G&T's Meal and it was Amazing

This was the first meal I tried with my new subscription and it was fantastic. As a single person with massive time constraints, the fact that this was easy to prepare only half and do it all in the microwave was a real selling point. And it was still delicious even without using the stovetop. The only issue is the flat bread got hard in the center from drying out but I should eat less bread anyway. Personally would have enjoyed a little more feta but otherwise the portions were good and everything was really tasty. Will be ordering again and it'll be a great item to bring to work since it's not fish and it's super easy and pretty quick to microwave.