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Fish Chowder

Creamy cod & salmon chowder with leeks, sweetcorn, & spinach garnished with homemade sourdough croutons

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Soma Behr
Too much salt!

Great fish chowder but please put in much less salt..let people do their own salting

Brenda Cox
Rich and Satisfying

This chowder is so delicious. It is rich and perfectly seasoned. It is satisfying and filling. The croutons are a perfect topping - wish there was more of them. I loved it and will order again.

Toni Dorfman
Delicious, fresh, rich...

Succulent, satisfying, artfully herbed ... superb. The corn kernels add pop and sweetness, the fresh green beans and spinach their color, the silken salmon its richness. "Fish chowder" only begins to describe the lusciousness of this soup. If we're really hungry, we toast and butter a couple brioche halves as accompaniment. Fixing the whole dinner takes five minutes, total, including dawdling.

Lutz Ehrlich
Wow, that was good!

Really loved it, balanced dish that tastes amazing.
Will definitely order that again!

Marianne Henderson
Very Filling

This is a very flavorful and quite filling dish although a bit on the oily side. It must be from the delicious salmon pieces because the fat and saturated fat grams are relatively low. I would definitely order this many times in the future.