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Feta & Mediterranean vegetable bake

Melting creamy feta with garlic & rosemary roasted Mediterranean vegetables with butterbeans, marinara sauce & salsa verde.

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This was a great combination of flavors. Will order again.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Great vegetarian meal

Really liked this. Saved the 5 stars for outstanding but this was great. A bit spicy but tangy with the feta…. Will have again!

Debra Javins
VERY good

This dish is delicious. I’m not vegetarian but do enjoy vegetarian dishes. I liked this as much as a meat dish. The feta cheese is perfect with it, the marinara sauce with butter beans is excellent for the overall flavors. Would have liked more zucchini over the peppers, but that’s a personal choice. Will definitely order again.

Marianne Ahern
Not sure why we waited so long to try this!

As "mostly vegetarians" we have tried all the vegetarian options from Georgie & Tom's except this one. Not sure why we waited but it is going on frequent rotation now that we have had it. It is delicious! The roasted veggies were fabulous and the marinara sauce was a nice touch. The feta made it all feel decadent. Love the recipe and will be ordering again soon.

Heather K
Baked feta deliciousness

Tangy, creamy feta is a perfect accompaniment to the savory roasted veggies and sauce. The beans provide a neutral heartiness to balance out the other bolder flavors. I’m not a vegetarian but I enjoyed this as much as the omnivore dishes!