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Feta & Mediterranean vegetable bake

Melting creamy feta with garlic & rosemary roasted Mediterranean vegetables with butterbeans, marinara sauce & salsa verde.

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Catherine Levinson
Feta and Mediterranean Bake

I did not like this one at all. The portion was way too small. Not enough for two portions. Using a cheese that melts would have been better. Feta is too dry.

Sharon Carr

It's a familiar dish; I've made a variation of it myself in the past few years BUT BUT BUT not only were their veggies fresh and delicious, but they added that tomato and butter bean marinara sauce that was AMAZING. HIGHLY RECOMMEND/it's 'delish' !

Debbie Gallant
Very flavorful vegetarian dish

I loved this dish. I cooked the veggies in the air fryer and then for the last four minutes I added the feta on top of the veggies and got a nice little roasting on the top of the feta. I then microwaved the marinara sauce and spinach. So many different, Wonderful flavors. I didn’t find the marinara spicy at all, so I was surprised to read other reviews that indicated it was spicy. Certainly it was flavorful. The butter beans didn’t do much for me, however, as one reviewer noted, they were a nice balance against the other robust flavors. My husband didn’t much care for the dish so I ate both servings very happily. (He’s a big meat eater). I will be ordering this again and again.

Fresh & Healthy

Loved this. It was packed with flavor and delicious.

Dana FS
delicious - one of our favorites

this was absolutely delicious (we did add fresh mushrooms for slightly heartier dish)…the layers of flavor were top-notch. This will definitely be added to our regular rotation. Yummo!