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Crispy Parmesan sage turkey

Crispy sage & onion turkey breast with haricot vert, cranberries & toasted almonds with herb potatoes and lemon aioli

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Martha Zoubek
Better than Thanksgiving!

I'll add my kudos to the other positive reviews. This will be in our rotation for sure. The flavors are perfect, from the breading and the aioli , topped off with the almonds and cranberries. Don't change a thing on this one.

Jennifer Swiatek
Hits the Mark

This does not taste like a dish that was easy to create. Yet, it so is ! Being so busy, and yet a total food enthusiast, to have something that tastes like I worked for it is incredibly satisfying at the end of another long work day. There must be a wizard that puts these dishes together at G&T's because just adding a splash of water to those veggies should not make them so perfect! The breading for the Turkey is just packed with flavors that make you go... "there it is...". We also love the touch of almonds and cranberries as it elevates it to something that is so well thought out. Hitting all those balanced notes.
Bravo on this one.
Just one of our fav's.

Cara Von Hahn

Love that you offer a Turkey dish, it’s hard to find & not just for Thanksgiving.
I’ve read the reviews and agree there could be more breadcrumbs (had to add to it), but quick tip to make it stick and the protein stay juicy..sour cream! A thin layer and the breadcrumbs will adhere.

Jeryl Cook
Great dish

Great dish..not sure why seasoning the meat is always left out lol..but ya going to want to put a tad of salt and pepper on the turkey

Susan Jonas

Such a wonderful filling comfort dish without being heavy. And the cutlets were huge. I confess I ate most of the veg with the first portion. The green beans were perfect-- crisp and not starchy. And the nuts and dried cranberries added a nice crunchy and chewy texture to the crispy cutlets. It was nearly impossible to get the crumb mixture to stay on the cutlets, so next time I will dip in beaten egg first, and there was not quite enough crumb mixture to coat the cutlets. So I might add some shredded part and ground nuts to coat next time. I do wish there were slightly more veggies, but maybe we can order an extra side at some point?