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Crispy Parmesan sage turkey

Crispy sage & onion turkey breast with haricot vert, cranberries & toasted almonds with herb potatoes and lemon aioli

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Surprisingly Tasty

I don't care much for turkey and was pleasantly surprised.
The sage crumbs.. that a lovely idea
We thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Sandra D Helm
Turkey Town

I love this meal, and plan on getting it again! I like the sage blend for the coating of the turkey breast! It was perfect seasoning for me! The portions were generous and I had a leftover cutlet for a turkey sandwich the next day! Thanks G&T for great quality food, and so quick and easy to make! Keep up the good meals!

Adam Ger
Turkey huge overwhelming sage

This was our first meal. The cut of turkey was generous. However the sage was overwhelming. The veggies however were dissapointing. There was 6 string beans and 4 mini potatoes cut in half. These meals are over priced for what they give as portions for 2 per meal. If you have a good appetite you will still be left hungry. The only thing they have going is the quality. Its better than most meals out there. If they dialed back the seasoning a tad and provided a bit more per meal this could be a 5 star meal delivery.

Linda Matthews

I have enjoyed every meal I've received so far from Georgie & Tom's, but the Crispy Parmesan Turkey just hits the ball out of the park (sorry for the cliché). The combination of flavors from the aioli, the almond and cranberry crunch, the vegetables, and the breaded turkey filet is just marvelous. Each bite provides all the right notes: crunchy/crispy, creamy, cheesy, sweet, tangy, salty. Culinary heaven.

James Rennie
Restaurant Quality

I always read the negative reviews before cooking to see if there is something I want to avoid. So the small change I made was to toss all the vegetables in the pan with the turkey. Came out fantastic! Beans were charred but still crunchy. Same with potatoes. I don't understand the review that said sage was too strong. My partner does not like turkey. He loved this !!