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Crispy Coconut Mango Chicken

Crispy coconut crusted chicken with sweet pickled mango, fresh Malaysian herb slaw dressed in a lime & coconut dressing.

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Monica Collins
Scruptiously satisfying

Everything comes together quickly and deliciously -- the panko-coconut crust on the ehicken, the slaw with the coconut/lime dressing, and the mango pickles on top. I savored every bite. Another winner for Georgie and Tom's.

So fresh so delicious

This is one of my favorites, so fresh so delicious, nothing I would change about this, i could eat this once a week forever I think


A quick and easy light supper, with nice flavors. I will order it again.

Sandra D Helm
A trip to Yumsville

Received my First box today! I made the Crispy coconut mango chicken, and it was a knock out! So quick and easy to make! The ingredients are so fresh, the portions very generous, and the quality of the ingredients were just above par, they were excellent! Nothing was heavy garlic, which I feared, most boxes are garlic heavy, this was just exceptional! I am so thrilled! Thanks for making my life a lot easier and delicious!

Susan Pietropaolo
Really good

We really liked this dish and it was our first repeat order. The combination of flavors distinguishes it, and it’s light and healthy, while satisfying at the same time. One note: the cooking time for the chicken in this dish and others never seems to be enough time and I always have to add cooking minutes (certainly not a big deal).