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Crispy Coconut Mango Chicken

Crispy coconut crusted chicken with sweet pickled mango, fresh Malaysian herb slaw dressed in a lime & coconut dressing.

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I love how the chicken is prepared. And your sauces are always delicious. I gave it only four stars though because I’m so sick of slaw. I would really like to see a better variety of cooked vegetables for some of these dishes. Snap peas, coconut rice, beans, etc.

Really wonderful!

Much better than expected and super easy. Delicious moist chicken breast with crunchy crust, loved the mango pickle for a bit of bite. The dressing was nice but not enough and a bit bland and weird texture. I added oil and fig balsamic. Could use some fresh lemon or lime and maybe some spice for the chicken crust. Refreshing and not too heavy but substantial and filling, I’ll order this one often.

Paula Barrett
Nice Flavors

Liked this dish but it seemed for one chicken breast it was overpowering with all the mixed greens. If it had a vegetable like snap peas and a side slaw of sorts would have been more satisfying

Sharon Carr
Excellent - Very fresh tasting!

It was easy to make and absolutely delicious! We loved the combination of ingredients and eating it on a bed of mixed greens. Will definitely order this one again.

Susan Jacobson
I’m so disappointed

I ordered this meal previously, and it was amazingly delicious; I was excited to be preparing it again. Something was wrong with the dressing; it was thick, the consistency of soft scrambled eggs, and it didn’t really dress the wonderful salad.