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Cod Bouillabaisse

Cod fillet in a tomato and saffron sauce with fennel, red pepper and collard greens finished with garlic butter.

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This is one of my favorite dishes. I have made it for a dinner party and allows me to enjoy my guests and serve a beautiful tasty meal. The cod is fresh and cooks evenly. The sauce is fantastic and not too heavy. Perfect!

Great dish!

Another favorite that we order often. My husband was never a big fan of having fish for dinner but loves this.

Larry Reinstein
Excellent although

My wife and I really enjoyed this meal. The cod was the freshest and most delicious I have ever had. The sauce and vegetables were wonderful. It would have been 5 stars except there was insufficient sauce. Please consider increasing the amount of sauce and, the overall portion size.

Good and healthy

Always on the lookout for good white-fish dishes, as I have heard we should eat them 3X a week. This dish was easy to prepare stovetop, All ingredients were fresh and healthy. We served it over an instant rice cup to soak up the sauce. I loved the layer upon layer embellishments. It's special.

Jalaine Stokes
Excellent Dish!!

The cod portions were great for two. Searing the cod in a sauté pan was on spot. The bouillabaisse sauce was tasty and flavorful. I loved the fresh fennel which gave the sauce a yummy texture and taste along with the rest of the mixed vegetables. Adding the garlic butter to the pan with the cod and cherry tomatoes then spooning the melted butter over the cod was the final yummy touch. The dish was savory, rich with flavor and filling but not heavy on the tummy. My husband is not a fan of food delivery dishes but loved this dish. So, I have finally sold him on your company. We will order this again and give it 5 stars!! Grazie!