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Coconut Chicken Laksa

Malaysian coconut chicken laksa with butternut squash, bok choy & rice noodles

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The sauce is so nicely seasoned, and beautiful to behold, but the chicken is both dry and chewy. We have enjoyed this dish before so I’m wondering if you might have changed poultry suppliers. Still, if you were selling the sauce by the quart we would be just as happy!

Patricia Flaherty
Absolutely the best meal I have had from Georgie & Tom's

Awesome is an understatement. Easy to prepare. A bit on the spicy side but highly recommend if you like spicy, creamy Asian meals.

Spicy but delicious

It has a kick so if you have a low tolerance for spicy food this might not be for you. That said, I hate spicy food and I loved this dish. Next time I order it I'll take the time to remove the red chilis from the vegetable tray before adding them to the pot. That should bring down the heat. Even as is, it was so tasty it was worth the pain :)

Nancy Green
A new favorite

Tried for first time and loved it. This is the kind of complex and interesting recipe that I’d never prepare on my own but you make it easy. Thanks.

Terri G
Speecy spicy

We ordered it because the reviews were so good, but we couldn’t eat it because it was so spicy. My mouth was on fire!!! I wish G & T listed if something was spicy that you could see before you ordered meals.