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Chili, garlic shrimp linguine

Chili, garlic & lemon shrimp linguine with slow roast tomatoes and zucchini

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Had only 1 meal ( out of 9) that just didn’t make it for me…..there is redemption! Could eat this once a week, for weeks !!!! Yummy fast and amazing!!!!💕 ThankYou

Fresh and good

The shrimp arrived raw, I don’t care for leftover fish, so I was happy.The ingredients were fresh and it was simple to make. My only issue was the portion size. My husband ate most of it.

4 stars -- w/o the shrimp

It's hard to find fresh seafood lately. Everything tastes fishy, including the shrimp in this dish. I actually took them out.
If I order again, I'll test the shrimp first and maybe just add my own protein or leave it out altogether. Either way, they have enough 5 star dishes to keep me happy.

Michelle Randall
Weird Shrimp

The linguine and veggies were great but the shrimp were terribly rubbery. I cooked within two days of receiving, on the stove top, and I didn't overcook it. Won't order again unfortunately.

Endlessly Adaptable

I could eat this every week, just as it is, but part of what I love about this dish is how endlessly adaptable it is. In the mood for more garlic? Toss it in! Need some more heat? Throw in crushed or fresh red pepper! Want some more acid? Juice the whole lemon in the pan! Want more sauce? Add more oil and/or butter! We have actually added all of those at once and had a fantastic dinner. One more we’re planning on trying is adding cheese to the pan or at the table to the plate. This meal is perfect alone and customizable to your mood and what extras you have.