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Chicken Satay

Chicken breast fillets marinated in Thai spices served with our homemade peanut satay dressing on a bed of cucumber slaw & pickles

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Good, not Great

Not a fan of coconut (didn't intentionally order this), but there's not much coconut taste. It was fine, but not great, and not something we would order again, for sure. Also, the instructions said to cook the chicken on each side for three to four minutes, but they were small strips, not breasts, so not sure the recipe was written before they switch to strips from breasts.

Debbie Gallant
Wonderfully tasty and filling

My husband and I really enjoyed this flavorful and satisfying meal. I cooked the chicken in our air fryer in a little dish. When I served the salad, I gave my husband all of the red chilis and he loved them. The peanut sauce was divine. We have added this to our re-order list.

Chicken satay

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened it, very odd mixture for slaw ( so I thought). It was fabulous! Chicken was very tender, the satay dressing had great flavor. Slaw was perfect for the dish. It’s a bit spicy but too much. Really enjoyed!

Not sure why 5 stars

Not sure why this is purely 5 stars, I didn’t add the pickled vegitables maybe that would have made it better but they smelled bad. The meal was good but I had the other one like this that was better yesterday and this one is not as good not as many flavors so just a 4


Wow! I loved everything about this meal. It wasn’t too spicy for me.