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Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken & Shiitake mushrooms with a creamy mushroom sauce and seasonal greens

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Cynthia Aquaro
Lot's of flavor and plenty of vegetables

Easy to prepare. It had alot of vegetables and would have wanted more sauce.

James Haus
Nope, Not For Us

Overall the meal was just ok taste wise, but the chicken was tough. This seems to be the general issue with chicken meals.

Fredric Sneider
Delicious, will order again!

Chicken, mushrooms and sauce were wonderful. Loved the combination of veggies. Only problem was the Brussels Sprouts were still raw after 3 minutes. Next time, I will sauté the veggies after microwaving until done.

Very Good

Very interesting combination of vegetables, but they took longer to cook than I expected, so factor that into your cooking time, no matter which cooking method you use. The chicken cooked quickly and was tender, the mushroom flavor was very good.

Needs better directions.

I really like most of Georgie and Tom’s meals but I felt that this meal needed better directions. I started the chicken and steamed vegetables at the same time. Disappointed with the chicken breast. Found it to be too thin and tough. It was done much much sooner than the vegetables.
I would suggest that you start the vegetables before the chicken. Once cooked the vegetables were delicious. The mushroom sauce boiled over (even with a loose lid) in the microwave so I would transfer it to a larger container before heating it up.
Overall the flavors were nice but I really didn’t taste a whole lot of tarragon.