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Chicken Minestrone

Chicken in our homemade chicken broth loaded with orzo, beans, seasonal vegetables topped with pesto & rosemary garlic sourdough croutons

If you’ve had a delivery before the 27th of March, you will have our old recipe.
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Hearty Chicken Stew

We order this one regularly. The ingredients make a balanced meal; the croutons and pesto add flavor to an already flavorful dish. I can't think how to improve it, unless to add a little more pesto. It's near perfection as is, however.

So Very Delicious

I love this soup. It is perfectly seasoned, filled with yummy fresh vegetables and topped with crispy flavored croutons. The chicken is juicy, flavorful and plentiful. I will order this weekly. The portion size is generous. Please keep it on the menu. ❤️

Laura O'Donnell
Meh was soup and was missing something

I had to add a little maple syrup and peanut sauce because it was missing a flavor profile you know when something tastes kind of bland and empty, well it was just soup, nothing spectacular but not in any way bad either

A meal in a bowl!

We order this dish almost every week: the vegetables are fresh, the chicken well-seasoned and the croutons crunchy and delicious. I highly recommend!

Emily Eisenstadt
Lovely dish

I really enjoyed this dish. Had lots of veges, orzo and chicken, very nice broth and I just loved the pesto to add to it.. So easy to heat and prepare. It was a perfect early fall cool weather treat.