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Chicken Caesar

Pan seared chicken breasts with a romaine and kale salad dressed in our homemade Caesar dressing, sour dough croutons and a side of rosemary & garlic homestyle potatoes

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Satisfied Customer
Loved it!

This was the first meal we ordered and it was a winner. Good portions, easy to prepare, and very flavorful. We cubed the chicken, stir fried in oil and mixed all ingredients together for a big salad. Will definitely order again.

Excellent, but...

The dressing was really delicious and the salad great, except for the kale. I really do not believe kale belongs in a Caesar salad. I don't think kale is as commonly liked as you guys believe considering all the recipes you add it to...I can only believe that it is a cheap filler! I love greens and salads of all kinds, but kale is not one of them. I throw it out whenever in comes with a meal. The potatoes would have been better without the rosemary.

James Haus
Chicken was tough

Overall, we enjoyed the favors of the salad, and I'm not sure why the chicken was stringy and tough... ate a few pieces but set aside and ate the salad. The potatoes were tasty, but why include with a Caesar salad? Bacon would have been a better choice. Will not order again!

Great salad!

I thought to myself, what was I thinking? Why on earth would I order Chicken Caesar Salad from a meal delivery service?
Well I will be ordering this again!
The dressing was spot on. Delicious!
I loved the addition of the potatoes, and the combining of kale in with the romaine!
The only thing that would have made this better, is if the parmesan cheese was shaved and not grated.

Fun twist on a classic salad!

I thought the potatoes in the salad sounded odd, but I loved it! Surprisingly filling and delicious.