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Chicken cacciatore

Garlic & herb marinated chicken in a rich Marinara sauce, sweet roasted peppers & olives on a bed of pasta served with Parmesan

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Great little dinner.

We enjoyed the dish a lot. Not what you would expect for an Italian dish. More of a fusion with Cajun kick. I like spicy so that's not an issue. It had what looked like some red jalapeño chile slices in there as well, the olive gave it a nice twist and cut the heat with nice a touch of twang.

Rebecca Shaffer
Will get again

Flavorful and easy to prepare on stovetop. I added trickle of water as suggested by another. Not spicy in my opinion - the peppers are sweet bell peppers, not hot. Husband and teens both gave thumbs up too.

Joel Hirsch
Too spicy

Hot peppers do not make Italian dishes! Marcella Hazan’s recipe for to,ago sauce yield spectacular flavor without resorting to load of hot pepper. This dish was simple to make but inedible. Not recommended.

Barry Vogel

As an addendum to my review of 2/5. The dish was very spicy. My wife didn't eat it and shoveled all to me. I also picked around the dish and sorted out out of the way the spicy peppers. Note to self..Never order again.

Barbara Smith

This dish was very tasty; the olives add a nice layer of flavor. But it seemed a kind of dry once heated, so I sprinkled a bit of water over it, and heated a little longer with a lid over it, and that did the trick.