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Chicken Cacciatore

Garlic & herb marinated chicken in a rich Marinara sauce, sweet roasted peppers & olives on a bed of pasta served with Parmesan

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Lutz Ehrlich
Very bland - needed a lot of post-cooking seasoning

We were very surprised how bland this dish is.
Don't get me wrong - its a nice dish but it feels it needs lots seasoning (salt/pepper, Siracha, etc)
(I feel for team G&T, btw, since below user "L." wrote that it was too overpowering should moderate spice level and here we go and call it out for being too/super-bland. I guess can't please everyone :)
Will likely not order again.

Chicken Cacciatore

Have had this dish many times and while it has alway had a bit of a kick, this last round was overpowering - please revert back to the old recipe of a low to moderate spice level.

Good combination of ingredients.

My husband is very sensitive to spicy dishes so I can not order it again. It was a bit spicy, but I liked it. Not the traditional taste of this dish or the way I've made it. If you like a bit of spice it will suit you.

Lisa Sangster
Need a quick dinner that is fulfilling…?

We have ordered this dish several tomes before. I love how quickly dinner can be on the table! Over all it’s a good and healthy take on Italian, which is welcome. It just lacks in overall taste and flavor. We had salt and garlic. It’s still enjoyable.

Great little dinner.

We enjoyed the dish a lot. Not what you would expect for an Italian dish. More of a fusion with Cajun kick. I like spicy so that's not an issue. It had what looked like some red jalapeño chile slices in there as well, the olive gave it a nice twist and cut the heat with nice a touch of twang.