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Chicken Alfredo

Ready to pan sear lemon & garlic marinated chicken breast on a bed of linguine in a creamy alfredo sauce with broccoli. Finished with crispy kale and grated parmesan.

If you have received an order prior to the 4th of July, you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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Very tasty!

We wanted a comfort meal and this hit the spot. My quibble: I have yet to have a chicken breast dish from G&T that the cooking instructions are even close to accurate. It said to cook in a pan for 3 minutes per side or until done. Well you might as remove the 3 minute suggestion because it isn’t close to true. It was rare or raw in the middle at that point and doubling the time didn’t fix it so I microwaved it to finish it and then it was tough. But cooked. I’d say 3 minutes per side then bake it with some of the Alfredo sauce. Are they testing this meal with a residential oven and the same chicken they’re sending us?

Saucer not the Boss

The sauce wasn't great. My wife thought it tasted like plastic. Didn't seem a true Alfredo. Won't order again without a recipe change, there are too many other great meals.

Judy Churchill
Sauce was not my favorite

Generous portion of chicken and the right amount of pasta. I liked the addition of spinach but not the kale. No cheese in what was supposed to be an Alfredo sauce. Too much chopped onion in the sauce.

Susannah W.
Nice Entree

We found the chicken and vegetables to be delicious and of high quality and enjoyed this dinner very much. I agree with another reviewer that more spinach, less kale would have been good, but it was an easy dish to prepare and the portions were ample. The sauce-well the sauce was not our favorite, but I added only one tablespoon to each of our plates and it was just right and not as overwhelming as more sauce would have been. We will order this again.

Very generous Chicken portion

I would like generous portions to make the delicious food economical. This meal was very generous in the high-quality chicken breast but not the other ingredients. Sauce seemed too chicken-broth to me, but mostly Too Salty! Please let us add our own salt. But I really liked the addition of the veggies.