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Californian fish tacos

Ready to oven bake cod fillet in a smoky Mexican spice blend, with our signature mango pickle, romaine lettuce, chive mayonnaise and pickles in soft corn & flour blend tortillas.

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Fish Tacos

We normally love our meals from Georgie and Tom’s but we hated this. A large taco to fish ratio, tasteless fish and unpleasant flavors combined to make this a dish we will never order again. I couldn’t finish mine. I have found that this company often improves meals as time goes on so I’m hoping that that will happen with this dish.

Not up to par

The raw defrosted fish was waterlogged. Taco seasoning was ok. Pickled vegetables a red mess. Mango ok. I made my own pico or else this would have been pretty bad.

Great flavor

I’m new to G&T but I’ve been through like 8 meal kit companies and I’m a tough sell but I have to disagree with the more critical comments I’ve read. Over all the flavor profiles were great and balanced, the mayo tempers the spice rub and the pickles give it good acidity and fruit. The fish was flakey and note to all, getting decent fish from a meal kit is tough so I think this was better than avg.

There was not enough cilantro but at least it was fresh and not liquifying like some companies provide and the mango wasn’t ripe but still tasty and inside the taco you couldn’t really tell.

10 minutes in the oven isn’t enough time to heat the tacos, they should go in a few minutes before you add the fish.

We both agreed we would order again.


Bring Your Own Taco. Everything about this meal was wonderful except maybe the taco. Would recommend flour instead as opposed to corn - should fix everything !!

California fish tacos

did not care for at all