Butternut squash, slow roast tomato & feta bake image

Butternut squash, slow roast tomato & feta bake

Roast butternut squash, with slow roast tomato sauce, feta, ricotta & arugula

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Justin Heck

Based off previous reviews I cooked it longer (50min) than the 30 minutes suggested. Turned out great, would order again. Pumpkin seeds are a nice addition.

Melissa Muth

Great way to get vegetables without excessive salt or saturated fat. Flavorful, with a variety of textures. The very mildly spicy notes gave it depth.

Debbie Gallant
Great way to get your veggies

I liked but didn’t love this dish. It was a nice way to get my vegetables and it felt very healthy and well balanced. I did find that I ate half of my husbands share plus mine before I felt full. I microwaved everything and added the arugula for the last minute in the microwave. It needed more than seven minutes in the microwave to fully heat through. I did like the pumpkin seeds for some additional protein. I found myself wanting a bit more cheese and pumpkin seeds in the dish. If I get this again, I will likely add some additional feta cheese .


The flavors are very complimentary and simple, really hits the spot!! the fresh arugula with the baked veggies and sun dried tomatoes AND the seeds?? such a move…highly recommend for anyone with decent taste and a love for veggies 🙏🙏🙏

Fine, simple, plain, nice flavors

I liked this. I didn't think it was amazing, but I liked the flavors, and the pumpkin seeds are a great touch. I agree with others that 30 mins @ 350 doesn't do much: I figured it was only meant to warm it to room temp, not actually cook it or make it piping hot. I have no clue what people refer to when they say spicy: I found it very plain (in a nice way) and mild. I thought the squash could have been a touch more cooked, but I'd rather have that than overcooked and soggy; I agree with someone else that thinner slices would be better. It made a nice casserole to take to work the next day and nuke for lunch.