Butternut squash, slow roast tomato & feta bake image

Butternut squash, slow roast tomato & feta bake

Roast butternut squash, with slow roast tomato sauce, feta, ricotta & arugula

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Karen Attra
Delicious vegetarian dish

This is delicious! Definitely need more heating time and the squash should be peeled. Loved the pepitas and the fresh mint! Will order again!

Debra Javins
Just so so for me

Not my favorite. Some reviewers complained about it being too spicy, but I did not feel any heat at all. Seemed bland to me. I much prefer the Mediterranean vegetable bake.

Donna Lomuscio
Very tasty

Very tasty, needed to cook longer than directions said. Also needed some protein with it. I made chicken cutlets. The only really negative is that they should have peeled the butternut squash, the peel is not appealing or appetizing.

Stacy Graiko
A delicious veggie dish

Finally, a veggie dish I crave! This bake is sooooo good - and healthy! The squash is just the right size and bakes to perfection in the oven or microwave - tomatoes and feta combine beautifully with it, and the pumpkin seeds give it a nice crunch. Definitely one of my favorites!

Marianne Ahern
Vegetarian with zing!

Perfect combination of ingredients! Flavorful, great texture, and just the right touch of chili pepper. Not too much at all (and I'm a bit sensitive to it). Planning on getting this one again!