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Beef Stroganoff

Slow cooked beef in a luxurious brandy, mushroom & Dijon mustard cream sauce on a bed of pappardelle pasta & seasonal greens.

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Great cuts of beef

Loved the sauce flavor! We thought it was delicious with the big noodles and broccoli - I loved the amount of meat was not overbearing - I’d guess meat was 25% of the casserole- so many meals are too heavy on meat quantity -but it’s better to have less meat that is high quality instead! The flavors pairing of noodle, veg, meat were well done with this

Beef Stroganoff

Just had the new recipe. I like the change to noodles and was surprised how well they heated up. Plenty of meat and it was very tender. Sauce was thick and flavorful. I liked the veggies that were included but next time I will not stir them in, I will put them the side. Will definitely order again.

Kaye Vosburgh
Needs a little fixing

The flavor was great. It was a little hard to manage the long noodles. The meat was hard to chew. In the last rendition of this the meat fell apart in your mouth.
I preferred the last stroganoff even with the rice. Better to have noodles, but please cut them.

Marj Montgomery
It would be nice to get what I ordered

Beef Stroganoff on paparadele. Nope, rice. My husband will eat anything on pasta. Loves pasta. Hates rice, especially rice that’s cooked to pasta directions - little hard, chewy bits. Then there was that mountain of kale which went directly into the trash where all kale belongs. Please don’t substrate without asking again.

Where's the Beef?

We have loved most of the meals, but this one was our least favorite of all. There was very little meat and some of it was chewy, the sauce was nicely flavored but thin and almost watery, kale is of course very healthy but did not seem to fit as part of the stroganoff genre. We basically ate some of the rice and mushrooms.