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Beef Stroganoff

Beef slow cooked in an indulgent cream & brandy sauce with notes of Dijon mustard and smoked paprika. Served with roasted garlic and thyme mushrooms, kale, and quinoa rice

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Brian Renaud
recipe needs updating

The recipe mentions quinoa when actually rice is used instead. You'll need to correct this, because I think the cooking instructions are for quinoa, not rice. The rice comes out hard and unappealing. I'd prefer noodles but if that's not an option then maybe go back to quinoa since the rice doesn't work.

Not enough beef

I thought this was good except Iwould have preferred the traditional egg noodles rather than rice and it didn't have much beef in it at all. I would increase both the mushrooms and the beef and have less sauce and serve it over noodles.

Great GF take on a classic recipe

The dish was very flavorful and satisfying. Since, I'm GF due to allergies, I appreciate the GF take on a dish that typically is served with egg noodles. A bit more kale than we needed, suggest spinach as an alternative. My husband is not GF, but also really enjoyed the meal.

Jeffrey Weaver
Where’s the beef?

Tasty but very little meat.

Tasty stroganoff

As others have commented, I’ve always had stroganoff with noodles, rice was ok, but isn’t noodles. Maybe green beans rather than kale? A dollop of sour cream really amped it up. The meat was tender and the sauce tasty. I’d have liked the mushrooms in chunks instead of sliced they were so thin I could barely find them. Nit-picking an otherwise nice meal.