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Thai Coconut Beef Massaman

Slow cooked beef in a fragrant coconut sauce served with jasmine rice, bok choy and garnished with a sprinkle of dry roasted peanuts, scallions, chili and cilantro.

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it was good but a small quantity

This was definitely on a small side. We liked the dish though. We did not need to add any microwave time.

Not Matching the Presentation [3 Star]

3 stars, not 5. Wow! Be careful with reviews here.
I forgot to update the star rating and instead of reminding you, the website defaults to 5 stars.
Nice one... The "Not Matching the Presentation" has the actual food review.
Also, I think there was supposed to be green beans with this but it's more than likely part of the meat base.
Still very yummy but I'll wait till there's a portion correction.

Not Matching the Presentation

Unless the presentation displays both servings as one dish, this meal does not provide enough meat base to look like the presentation. The only exception to achieving this is adding water to the base, but that would detract from the favor. As normally expected, the food quality and overall meal is acceptable. As I read other reviews before posting this, I saw Topher and L.S. argees. I'm into fitness and there could be less rice, I guess, but my preference is a little more protein here. Good for them to not allow photos.

It's just OK

First off the taste was good but when it came to making the dish, the amount of rice compared to the beef mix was way off. Turned into a Beef rice mush like mixture in the end.

Margie Nesler
Beef Massaman Curry 4 star

Nice taste. I would have given this a 5 star but it lacked in potatoes and the few in it were mushy.