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Beef In Red Wine

A rich beef in red wine stew with seasonal vegetables and root vegetable mash

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Excellent meal

We loved this dish. It was very tasty. We added 30 seconds microwave time

Phyliss Walters

You can't improve perfect

David Francis
A Winner!!!

This is my second G&T meal. I’ve been a Tovala client for about 6 months. Their oven is great…food OK. Great for a single who doesn’t want to cook.
I like to cook, like to have a friend in from time to time and understand that it is difficult to toss everything into an oven and expect it to all come out great. I was looking for a service that was fresh and allowed for proper cooking modes.
I was impressed with a mail brochure from G&T which was totally new to me. My first meal (Sesame Tuna) was 5 stars as was this meal! I’m 6’4”, 220 lbs and the serving sizes for both of these meals was definitely sufficient for two. Can’t wait to try Coq au Vin!!😋

Cathy A Johnson
Beef in Red Wine

A very rich dish. The meat was very tender and easy to eat. The sauce was to die for.

Jill Carpenter

The root vegetable mash was NOT good. The red wine beef was pretty good, but overall, this is enough food for maybe an adult and 1 toddler, but certainly not 2 adults. AND, for the price, it's simply ridiculous. The portion size should be doubled, and the root vegetable PASTE needs to be replaced with something more palatable. And, let's just forget about the 'seasonal veggies' that's really a few carrots, and otherwise a full bag of kale. NO NOT want kale until it's in soup. Overall, not a win...