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Beef in red wine with root vegetable mash

A rich beef in red wine stew with carrots, kale and a root vegetable mash

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Roxanne T

We had this on Sunday and it was a lovely Sunday dinner. The beef was excellent, as was the sauce. This is one of the easier dishes to prepare but it doesn't taste like that, it's a wonderful red wine sauce and the root vegetables were a nice change. My husband ate it right down and he always leaves something on his plate.

Quick and Delicious!

This is a gourmet meal that’s ready in a few minutes.
Root vegetables are a pleasant change from mashed potatoes.
Very tasty, will order again.

Sandy Derr
Absolutely delicious!

This was my first meal with Georgie & Tom's. I will be able to have three meals out of this kit. The two just as instructions provided. However, apparently I go "meat light" and I have enough of the stew to put over rice or mashed potatoes for another third meal. What a nice treat!

10 out of 10 or maybe a 4

Real delicious real gourmet, filled me right up!!

I'm not a beef stew fan but this was different

Not your mom's beef stew for sure. I'm not a fan, but my husband is. While I focus on lamb ragu and veal, or puertorrican hearty soups, beef stew never did it for me. This dish had a unique flavor profile that made it a step up from the regular dish. I had to add peas because my husband loves them, but the dish wanted for nothing. The puree is delicate and silky - a show stopper on its own!