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BBQ Pork sliders

Slow cooked shredded pork in a smoky BBQ sauce with chive cheddar coleslaw and fresh apple in soft slider buns

If you have received an order prior to the 10th February, you will have received our old recipe. For more information and cooking instructions, please follow this link.

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E Hartmann

Really enjoyed the apple slices on it. It enough meat to fill 6 rolls.

Pork sliders

Nice combination of ingredients, pork with slaw and apples. This may be the only dish I have ordered where I don’t think there is enough food. The only reason it’s filling is because of the rolls. It’s a tasty dish but I would prefer more substance than bread.

Raneeta DeShong
Tasty sliders!

This is one of our favorite meal choices!. The sandwich is very flavorful , a nice combination of textures and quick and easy to combine. At first not enough meat was provided for 6 small rolls but now the quantity seems to have been increased. When the rolls are filled excess actually falls out the sides. This is definitely a repeat menu choice.!

Jeff Erwin
Easy and good tasting

I highly recommend Georgie & Tom's Pork Sliders. They are a delicious and easy-to-make appetizer or main course. The pulled pork is tender and flavorful, and the coleslaw and apple add a nice touch of freshness. The sliders are served on small buns, which makes them perfect for nibbling.

Review of new recipe for BBQ Pork Sliders

I've had both the old and the new recipe for BBQ Pork sliders. Personally, I do not care for apples, especially Granny Smith apples, so I do not use them in the recipe. I am in agreement with previous reviews that the BBQ pork was too sweet in the old recipe and is still too sweet in the new recipe. The major difference I noted between the old and the new recipe was that the amount of BBQ pork appeared to be doubled in the new recipe. I agree with another review that there is too much mayonnaise sauce for the coleslaw. The first time I had this recipe, I enjoyed the recipe's concept so much that I have purchased bulk BBQ pork, made my own coleslaw, and packaged the combo on small slider buns from another source. Please make the BBQ pork less sweet and include more vegetables for the given amount of mayonnaise sauce.