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BBQ Pork sliders

Slow cooked shredded pork in a smoky BBQ sauce with chive cheddar coleslaw and fresh apple in soft slider buns

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Close to perfection, not enough pork

The flavor profile was great, the apple, the super tasty slaw (first time the slaw wasn't skimpy) combined with the pork was just super flavorful. A small issue, the BBQ pork had a generic tasting BBQ sauce but the bigger issue, mentioned by another user is there isn't enough pork for 6 sliders. So we made 4 sliders and that was perfect, and enough for us but maybe not for others. But sliders always come in sets of 3, not 2, so there is a problem. If it's a food cost issue then I don't know what the solution is. Maybe a single large bun with a side dish? But there is not enough pork for 6 sliders.

Delicious, but not enough pork

Really good flavors and super easy and quick. However, there is only enough pork for 4 sliders when you put a spoonful on each one. Add more pork, and this is a 5 star for sure!

Judy Churchill
One of my favorites

Just the right combination of roll, meat, and a very nice coleslaw. Will order this again.

Very tasty

Really good BBQ pork flavor and the slaw is delicious. Will buy this again!

Kit Baca
Oh yummy!!!

These are excellent! The slaw mixture is really amazing! The buns are really soft and delicious even after being on the frig for 2-3 days as long as you warm them as instructed.

I agree with the others who said there is not enough of the BBQ pork. Barely enough for 4 sliders; definitely not 6.

I served with a small side of oven baked fries. Excellent! Will definitely order again!