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Balsamic chicken

Ready to roast chicken breasts in a balsamic glaze on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables served with fresh arugula and parmesan.

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Suzette Hubbard
Absolutely delicious!

Love that we can make such a delicious meal without all the prep!!

Barbara Smith
Always delicious

This was one of our first meals, and we've had it a few times. Healthy, easy, delicious.

Easy and tasty

My husband and I both enjoy this meal and have ordered it several times. If I had to ask for just one improvement, it would be less peppers and more broccoli and/or zucchini. While I do like the dish as it is, the peppers most certainly don’t like me !
The portions are actually spot on, and sodium content is reasonable, and it’s hard to complain about preparation/cooking time when all the hard stuff has already been done.

Laura Coulson
Love it

Super tasty, quick, and easy.

Etta May Myers
Loved it.

This one had great flavor. The veggies are perfect for it. We come to realize the ones we need to cook the meat versus just microwave are the better ones.
My only frustration is not having a list on the instructions sheet of each item that comes with that particular meal. Not ingredients, but meal components, ie arugula, dressing. Even those in the enclosed in the wrapped container.