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All meals are $31 for 2. You may skip or pause any week.

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 every week.
Please take the first available day.
Our food will last a week, well past the weekend.
Sorry, all slots for this box size are currently sold out.
New slots are usually made available every day, so please check back.
However, due to very high demand, new slots do go very quickly.
Alternatively, choose a different box size.
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All meals are $31 for 2. You may skip or pause any week.
More Questions?
How does Georgie & Tom’s work?
We deliver fully prepared meals for two direct to your home, most of which can be cooked in 5-8 minutes with nearly no mixing, chopping or prep. You tell us your Preferences and we suggest a weekly order that you can change at any time up to the cut off 2 full days before delivery. We have 76 recipes to choose from with simple cooking instructions including microwave, stove top and oven. You can change your delivery day and quantity flexibly every week, and you can skip or pause whenever you wish.
Where do you deliver?
Everywhere between Massachusetts (and parts of Vermont and New Hampshire) in the North; and Washington DC in the South. Not North Virginia.

Including Boston, New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

I’m afraid we have no plans for Florida, or other locations for now.

Type in your zip to check here.
Allergens and dietary needs?
Yes you can filter for multiple Allergens and dietary needs. When you become a customer you have a Your Preferences area where you can exclude anything you don’t want. Simply thumbs down a dish or a whole category. You can use as many filters as you like to do this.
Bigger families?
Yes. Simply order 2 of each meal to get 4 portions. If you are 3 enjoy leftovers!
Full price trial box?
Yes you can try at full price here.
Is it very Flexible?
Very! You can change your delivery day easily every week, change quantity, Skip or Pause. Our cut off is 2 days, not 5. Only get what you need, exactly when you need.
Do you have single portions?
Not yet! However, some single customers choose to order and cook half of their meal at a time. This is easy to do.