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After Order Cut-Off

Your order always locks at midnight 2 full days before your delivery, eg midnight Saturday for Tuesday delivery, midnight Sunday for Wednesday delivery, etc. 

We remind you on the day before the cut off.

We’re afraid we can’t make changes to your dishes after the cut-off (please make sure you have told us “Your Preferences” – this avoids disaster)

If you wish to cancel the order after the cut off, but before delivery, please email

We will refund you $15 for delivery and $10 per meal for materials

Change delivery day for just this week

Go to your “Orders” and then click “Set new delivery day”. You can only switch to an available day, and your order will revert to normal the following week.

Change meal quantity for just this week

Go to your “Orders” and then click “Change meal quantity”. Your order will revert to normal the following week.

Skip just this week

Go to “My Orders”. Click “Skip this week” underneath the date of your next delivery. You will get an order the following week unless you Skip again or Pause.

To Unskip just click again

Change delivery day or meal quantity permanently

Go to your “Account”, then your “Subscription”, then “change your delivery day or meal quantity”.

You can then swap to any available slot

Pause subscription for a while

If you want to stop for a few weeks, Pause your subscription at your “Account” (top right of the homepage), then your “Subscription”

To Un Pause go to your Account again, or your Orders

Tell us your Preferences and dishes you don’t want

To ensure you never get dishes you don’t like, and to improve your suggested order go to “My Preferences”

Filter the menu in many ways by cooking method, protein type, diet type, allergens, etc

“Heart” individual dishes that you would like more often

“Thumbs down” individual dishes, or whole categories of dishes (eg “higher sodium”), that you don’t want at all

Make sure you actually “Heart” and “Thumbs down” dishes - Filtering the menu narrows down the selection, but does not “Heart” or “Thumbs down” dishes on its own

Late Delivery and tracking

You will receive emails updating you containing links to tracking.

Also go to your “Account” see a list of your orders, click on the current order and you will see a link to tracking

If your delivery is late please check tracking for updated status. We only have access to the same tracking as you, and cannot predict delivery time or intervene with the carrier unfortunately

If tracking says your delivery happened, but you don’t have the box, please check around the area and with neighbours. Normally the box turns up ok within a few hours. If it doesn’t please email

When your delivery has arrived please check the box and food carefully, and take into account recent outside air temperature. Never eat anything that you are uncomfortable with.

It is normal for the ice packs to have melted. It is the temperature of the food, particularly the proteins, that is important

Please then email to let us know if you are not comfortable eating any of your food, and we will gladly refund you.

Cancel subscription

Cancel your subscription at  your “Account” (top right of the homepage), then your  “Subscription””