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Vietnamese pork noodles

Ginger, chili & lime seared ground pork with rice noodles, Asian salad & peanuts dressed with rice wine vinegar dressing

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Joseph Maloney


Caroline Petersen
Very good

Very good! Just wish pork noodles portion was a bit larger

Jennifer Guire

This was our first meal and it was incredible. The veggies and herbs were so fresh and the pork was delicious! My only complaint was that I wish there had been more noodles (for two people) and less red chili. The red chili was in everything from the vegetables to the noodles to the dressing. Very spicy. I removed every chili and the dish still had PLENTY of heat and I’m someone that isn’t afraid of heat either. Just a bit more noodles please!!

Marcia H.
First meal tried and jury is out on portion size

Flavors were amazing. However… Definitely not enough food for two people. I can understand keeping the protein portion on the lighter side, but the veggie/slaw part of the dish should be substantial. There was such a small amount of noodles and veggies… Truly only enough for one person. Very disappointing as that is the least expensive of the product cost. Also, there was no cilantro, the recipe called for adding the cilantro separately. I’m anxious to try the other two meals I ordered, but at this point not convinced this is a viable alternative to cooking.

Paula Barrett
First time trying

This dish felt like it was from a restaurant. Perfect combo of texture and flavors. It was hard not to eat the whole thing because it was so good! Cant wait to try the rest of my order.