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Thai steamed cod

Steamed cod with a warm rice noodle salad with bok choy, sugar snap peas, red pepper and carrot in a Thai soy dressing.

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Absolutely delicious

This was my first meal from Georgie & Tom’s and this is what meal subscriptions should all be. The ingredients were fresh and the cooking instructions easy and simple. I microwaved the cod in a ziplock back since I didn’t have plastic wrap and it turned out great.

Lutz Ehrlich
Forgive me, team G&T, we have sinned...

.... since I pan-seared the cod, instead of steaming it. And it was wonderful!!
Reason for doing so: we don't like the "...microwave the veggies with some water.."-method and try to avoid it studiously. The best way is to pan-sear the veggies after(!) your proteins. And indeed, it worked beautifully: added a bit sauce to code and pan-fry it 2 min on each side, add to noodles to keep warm and pan-fry the veggies for 4 min while adding remaining sauce. Presto! Loved the dish.

Kim Nolan
Solid start to my subscription

Really tasty, quick, easy - I’m impressed. Not crazy about the pea pods but otherwise yummy.