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Sticky Maple Chicken

Chicken breast in a sticky maple mustard glaze on a bed of rosemary & garlic roast root vegetables with smoked bacon & kale.

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Heidimarie Maugle
sticky maple chicken

Lots of veggies, which were delicious! I did prepare this dish differently than directed. Veggies were done on convection bake. Chicken was done stove top in frying pan (I can get a crispy crust on it this way). Kale was done stove top in same pan as chicken. I won't use as much sauce next time--just my preference. The sauce is very good, I just like things drier. I will put the extra sauce on the side. This dish took much longer than most due to how I prepared it (about 30 min). Will order it again.

One of my favorites - this is one of my repeat orders

I have ordered this recipe four times now. I really appreciate the convenience and the taste of the final product. In my mind you could forget the kale and the lemon. I'd like more of the vegetables. The 2 pieces of chicken breast are plenty for 2 people. I really do like the maple-mustard sauce.

Maureen Helbig Bowman
Not a favorite

I was away and forgot to check my order. We received this and I was surprised we were cooking in the oven. I steamed the kale and enjoyed the kale…
Chicken was tough, the root vegetables and onion were seasoned with bacon.. then the mustard maple sauce. The result was unpleasant. We usually love our dinners, have a few that we ordered that was not top of our list but this just
Reminded me of the term “too many cooks spoil the broth”. I was thinking ,
“too many approaches ruins the meal“

The veggies were the star

This dinner was delicious. I did what some others recommended and reserved some of the sauce to pour over the finished product. You could bottle that mustard sauce and sell it. The chicken was flavorful, could have been a bit bigger. Absolutely loved the veggies, clearly the star of the meal. The bacon was just enough for outstanding flavor. Could order this every week, its that good.


So far almost every one of these dishes was absolutely the best! The fact that all the prep work is done for you but leaves the protein for me to cook, that makes all the difference. Hands down the best. We have tried 4 or 5 so called meal kits and these dishes leave every one in the dust. I just can't say enough