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Sticky Ginger Beef

Beef in a sticky honey, ginger & soy glaze served on stir fried rice noodles, broccoli and shredded vegetables. Finished with scallions, cilantro, chilli, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

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Merle Kaufman
Too greasy

I tried cooking one portion according to directions, but all that frying in separate pans uses too much oil. I’ll try microwaving the next portion of beef, and keep the frying for the vegetables. Otherwise it’s a very tasty and flavorful dish with a nice array of vegetables. I appreciate that all the hot peppers are separate and not put into the meal itself, because I don’t use them at all, so that’s just fine for me.


Pretty good, tasty, a little on the sweet side for me and lacking in veggies, too much carbs for my low carb diet.

Deborah Uslaner
A little disappointing

The flavor was good but the beef was not what we expected. There was nothing very sticky or gingery about it. Beef with vegetables and noodles would be a better description. Not sure if we would order it again.

Steven Littleton
Absolutely Dee-lishus!

Honestly this dish is S000 good I could eat it several times a week...maybe with pork or chicken or lamb too AND, it's the one of the reasons I am a G & T's regular! I couldn't/wouldn't be troubled to make this recipe myself but very glad it's on the menu thanks to Georgie and Tom's! More veggies would be great.

Susan Sehlmeyer

This dish was sooo good although could have used more veggies in it. Will definitely order again.