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Steak chimichurri

With sweet potato mash seasoned with harissa & seasonal greens

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Kim Nolan
First miss after several weeks of great dishes

The chimichurri was just way, way too garlicky and the sweet potatoes were way, way too spicy (chili powder?). Flavors would have been really good if they weren’t so overpowering.

Lutz Ehrlich
Chimichurri was great, Steak Ok, Vegetables need Airfrying

HI There
Warning: I'm a steak-snob (Suis-Vide Prime-Beef steaks of 1,5-2" thickness, then sear to perfection) so the bar was pretty high. And indeed, as Jennifer stated, the steak quality wasn't that great, but perhaps to be expected going by the per/meal price ratio. It was "ok"
The Chimichurri sauce was delicious!
The Vegetables: Please please please stop telling people to microwave them, the results are horrible (we tried it once). Consider making pan-frying or air-frying a first preferred option - and only leave Microwaving for the really time-desperate cooks out there.

Jennifer Roach
Not huge flavor, not great instructions

Steak isn’t the greatest quality, and I’ve had better chimichurri. Also the instructions were wrong and/or vague. Potatoes were still very hard after 25 minutes in the oven and the instructions simply say to cook the steak “to your liking”. Would be better to give suggestions for cook times based on different temps.

Debra Brown
I have ordered a number of times!

Very good, good cut of meat, great sauce and great combo with the sweet potato

Sarah Jackson
Steak Chimichurri...Delicious

Had this last night. Everything about this dish was delicious. We will order again.