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Spaghetti Bolognese

A rich slow cooked beef ragu enriched with 6 vegetables and lentils, on a bed of whole wheat spaghetti, served with pecorino & a side of arugula, cherry tomatoes with Italian dressing

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Debra Javins

We loved the sauce! Husband prefers good ole white pasta over the healthier whole wheat sort. So next time we will just cook our own noodles. But good flavor and not so heavy.

Tammy Panagos
Authentic Italian

After just returning from southern Italy, I was not expecting it to be so good! Al dente and thick ragu. Will definitely order again.

Chen Zhao

This had good flavor, and I wouldn’t mind having it again. However, the flavor was not particularly special, either, and did not feel worth the cost.

lori guarnera
Good but not as good as my own

I thought it lacked a little flavor. However, I am comparing it to mine which I use salt pork which is the only flavoring I add. Salting it after the fact doesn't do the trick as you know salt needs to be cooked into the dish. I would order it again, just not my favorite but in the top five.

Linzee Whilden
Delicious - Great Dish.

Great dish - Loved the flavors and everything was so fresh. My husband didn't love the addition of the arugula, but I didn't think that was a huge deal since you could leave it out if you wanted. The pasta was different but really tasty. I really enjoyed it overall.